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Comtech Drawpoint Method:
Reverse Grip Defensive Knife Masters Class
International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention - August 6-8, 2004
Hosted by
Art of Combat

This special three-hour class will teach the Level I skills of the Comtech Drawpoint method. Enrollment is limited to 10 people, so sign up early!

Come to this class and learn:
* Legal use of force in self defense
* Concealed carry and knife accession
* Drills to perfect your quickdraw under stress - draw your knife in one-and-a-half seconds or less
* Partner skill-building drills and combat scenarios

Requirements: A safe training knife less than 12" long. Eye protection and focus mitts will be helpful, though not required.

A Few Words to the New Student from the Founder of the Drawpoint Method:
Master at Arms James A. Keating
Combat Technologies Inc.

The Drawpoint method you will be learning is nothing short of amazing when it comes to effective close quarter personal defense. Remember, this is a lethal force level program; just like a tactical handgun or rifle course. You may employ this level of force only if you are in fear of losing your life! It is designed to deter, not de-animate. However, complete de-animation of the target subject is within your operational range of options if you choose it.

Drawpoint is part of a life saving defensive tactical equation that thousands of men and women around the world have benefited from. Drawpoint can be explained as a series of logical principles that may be interpreted in a wide variety of ways. This offers each person a sound foundation of skill, yet allows them the freedom to tailor the method to suit their needs and personal lifestyle. This unique profile is what many find so attractive.

Each person who becomes involved actually adds to the overall effects of the method itself. This is one principle that is found throughout the Comtech methods. It is our unique signature. It is the philosophical tactical footprint that many track upon. It is an aspect that has made this particular method akin to being something of a living being itself.

Welcome to the Drawpoint path on behalf of your Drawpoint teacher, Master At Arms Pete Kautz and myself, M.A.A. James A. Keating. We hope that the sharing of our hard won tactical knowledge brings safety to the lives of you and your families.


James A. Keating

Director, Combat Technologies Inc.


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