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Double End Bag Basic Drills Video Article
Copyright Pete Kautz 2018

In Boxing and 52 Blocks there are a number of different kinds of bags we use for developing our punching. While the heavy bag and the speed bag are perhaps more well known, the double end bag (or top and bottom bag) is perhaps one of the best for developing timing, rhythm, and accuracy.

Unlike the heavy bag where the beginner can stand there and just wail away with poor form, the double end bag requires more finesse. It's quick rebound and erratic movement take time to learn to control with your punches.

Double End Bag: 5 Basic Drills

In 52 Blocks AOD we use a numbering system for punches similar to many other schools of Boxing. These are:

1 - Jab

2 - Cross

3 - Lead Hook

4 - Rear Uppercut

5 - Lead Uppercut

6 - Rear Overhand

You will notice that there is no Rear Hook in the 6 punches. While some schools of Boxing advise it, we feel it leaves you too exposed when throwing it to the head.

(Later punches 7 and 8 are Lead and Rear Hooks to the body, where it is safer to throw)

So, in this video we cover 5 different punch combinations, each one meant to work on a different one of the 6 punches. Work these for 2 or 3 minute rounds, striving to get as many quality punches in as possible in the time period. Alternate your lead, going from orthodox to southpaw and repeating each one on the other side.

For easy reference, the combinations shown are:






These combinations are all quite basic, but they must be internalized before further progress can be made. In a future video training tip we'll cover some more advanced combinations and drills on the double end bag.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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