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Alliance Techniques & Articles
By Pete Kautz 1999-2014

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Articles Sorted by Type:
Medieval / Renaissance
19th Century
Modern Day
World Arts
Alliance Seminar Reports
Fun Stuff
Special Articles by Guest Authors

Medieval / Renaissance Articles

Dagger Fighting Techniques from the Rare Solthurner Fechtbuch!

Fiore DeiLiberi's 7 Rules of Wrestling
Attributes Training from the Master

Medieval and Renaissance Knife Fighting History

Nova Scrimia - Arte Marziale Italiana
Italian group seeks to preserve their country's martial legacy

Spada & Daga - The Real Italian Fencing Art: Pt.I
By Graziano Galvani of Nova Scrimia

Spada & Daga: the Real Italian Fencing Art: Pt.II
Giacomo Di Grassi’s School and Didactics

By Graziano Galvani of
Nova Scrimia

19th Century Articles

19th Century Bayonet Fencing

The America Bowie Knife
Proud Symbol of Freedom and Power
Five Part Series on Bowie Knife History and Technique!

The American Training Bayonet 1858-1912

Cold Water Therapy - Self Tempering in Nature

Cold Water Dousing & 19th Century Physical Culture
More on natural tempering methods and health!

Cold Water Dousing Photo Sequence
By Bob Charron

EXTREME Cold Water Dousing

Natural Health Q&A
A Chilly Anecdote and Your E-Mail Questions on Breathin' & Drinkin'!

The Original Cassius Clay - 19th Century Politician and Duelist
First printed in Close Quarters Combat magazine

If Jim Bowie Had Owned a Spyderco

Modern Day Articles

The $10,000 Workout Secret

Action Negates Fear
By Pete Kautz

AirSoft Pistols for Tactical Training

Alliance Interview with Custom Knife Maker Rob Patton

Alliance Interview with Matthew Powell of
Kadochnikov Style-U.S.A!

Armed Hold-Up!
Counter Knife Threat Scenario

The Art Of Flow
By James A. Keating

Beginners Training Guide, Part 1:
Learning Combat Skills from Video
(First Published in KnifeForums Magazine)

To Block Or Not To Block, That Is The Question
Should You Block Or Not?  What Are "Blocks" Anyhow?

Computer Self Defense
Stay Safe in the 21st Century

The Comtech Stinger Self Defense Tool
By Pete Kautz (Part I of II)

The Comtech Stinger Self Defense Tool  (Part II)
More insights on using the Stinger for self defense

Deadly Dualities
Exploring Mathematical Probability & Connecting the Lines of Combat

"Down Home on the Range"
~ or ~
"The Family that Shoots Together Has a Hoot Together"

Including a Review of the BufferTech Recoil Buffer System
& Basic Use of the Sling for Shooting and Carry

Eastern United States International Martial Arts Association
International Black Belt Hall of Fame 14th Annual Event
Pittsburgh, PA, November 2-4

Mr. Kautz is Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame
As a Pioneer of the Western martial arts!

Fighting in a Car

Fred the Head
Plans for a Multi-Purpose, Head-Shaped, Training Dummy!

Got Aim?  Try My Game!
Pete's Presidential Safari - Hunting With Washington And Lincoln

Instinctive Shooting Article By Pete Kautz 2009

Grandma Chin-Jab:
The Laundromat Encounter

By Don Rearic 2003 A True & Heartwarming Tale!

Helping Keep your Child Involved in the Martial Arts
Train at home with your child - Help them overcome test anxiety - How to beat "Yellow Belt Flight"

The Hidden Power Of Training Videos
How Watching Training Videos Can Improve Your Martial Skills

The Hillbilly Mook Jong
Building & Training with the SwampTech DIY PVC Wing Chun Dummy

How To Choose The Right Knife For Your Lifestyle
By MAA James A. Keating

Instinctive Shooting With My Mom

Instinctive Shooting Is For Everyone

I Conceal My Treasure...
Martial Arts and the Public Eye

The Invisible Assassin
By Pete Kautz

I Used To Think Forms Were Stupid
By Lily Gold, LMT

Inside Look at the Comtech Bowie Knife Program
Training With James A. Keating

Improve Your Hand Speed & Timing
By Pete Kautz

The Internet, Copyright, and Basic Honesty
Manual Stolen from Alliance! Online Theft is for Real!

Lock In Flow To Rock Your Foe
Article By Pete Kautz

Low-Impact Test Cutting
Test cutting without beating-up your good knives!
(First Published in Knifeforums Magazine)

Magic in the Martial Arts - Mystic Secrets Revealed

Martial Arts Scam Letters - A Warning To Instructors!
Article by Pete Kautz 2008

Military Combatives Links

Modern Paired Weapons

The Mysterious Lances of Kenpo
Kenpo Knife Fighting - The Secret Hidden In Plain Sight

Palestra ab Palus: The Training Hall of the Swamp
First Photographs of the Alliance Training Hall

Photo Techniques with Hock!

Point Shooting / Instinct Shooting Articles

Point Shootin' Pontification or The Proof is in the Puddin'

Russian Bayonet Training Dummies!

Rouges Invade Karate Tournament - East vs West in weapons combat!

Selecting a Martial Arts School for Your Child

Seven Martial Arts Seminar Survival Tips

7 Steps to Superior Sparring
By Lily Gold, LMT

Sharkee Training Knives
We like 'em, we use 'em

Shooting Simulators
Training to Kill or Just Playing Around?

A Simple Way To Double Your Learning Rate This Year

Sinawali Mapping
Making Sense of Double Stick Patterns

Functionalizing Sinawali for Combat
Making Double Weapons Training More Effective

Slam Pad Drills

Drills for Developing Striking Skills and Impact Conditioning!

The Dynamic Game for Point Control and Quick-Draw

Tactical Cutting Course

This Target Really Tests Your Skills
By Pete Kautz

Time Capsules Of History
Article By Pete Kautz

The Karate Kid & The Secret Master
By Pete Kautz

Training The Live Hand
By Pete Kautz

True Tales of Street Hubud
Article By Pete Kautz

What Is The Best Knife
By Pete Kautz 2009

World Arts
Alliance Filipino Martial Arts Special

Alliance Tribute to Professor Remy Presas

8 Basic Parts of Pa Gua Zhang

English and Chinese Names for all 8 Parts and 18 Movements

Chiang Sheng Tribute Page
Lily's Tribute to 5 DEADLY VENOMS Star Chiang Sheng

Kempo (Kenpo) Special Report
History and COOL LINKS to Fighting Techniques

Kung Fu Special Report
More COOL LINKS to Fighting Techniques

Looking at the wall, thinking about Nothing
A Tale from the Cosmic Swamp on Meditation and Focus

Russian Martial Arts Links

Secrets of Animal & Spiritual Boxing Styles
By Pete Kautz

Sharkee Training Knives
We like 'em, we use 'em!

Sikh warrior's Prayer
A Powerful Devotion to God

Tahtib - Middle Eastern Stick Fighting, Dance and Music Tradition

The Tinikling
Traditional Filipino Dance Can Improve your Arnis Skills

Video Clips of Men's Knife Dancing Around the World
Compiled by Pete Kautz, 2009

Which Arnis Stick Do YOU Use?
The Stick You Use CHANGES Your Art...So Choose Wisely!

Zydorovye - Russian Health System Training Camp Report

Alliance Seminar Reports

Reports from Many Past Alliance Seminars:
Lots of Photos, Techniques & Insights Mixed In...Enjoy!

2011 Seminar Reports

Essential Bowie Knife Combatives - Defense & Fighting Drills - September 2011

Essential Bowie Knife Combatives - Mobility, Attack & Fighting Theory - August 2011

Close Range Instinctive Pistol Tactics Seminar - July 2011

The Shadow Shield Drill Matrix: Blade To Boxing Connection Seminar - June 2011

American Instinctive Rifle Shooting Vol.2 - Aerial Target Clinic - May 2011

2010 Seminar Reports

Bowie Knife Training Event - September 18-19, 2010 In Ithaca, NY

Seeking The Path II - Ithaca, NY - March 19-21, 2010

2009 Seminar Reports

Knife Throwing 3-Hour Intensive at Western Martial Arts Workshop - Racine, WI - September 10-13 2009

Knife & Open Hands Two-Day Training Event - Bonn, Germany - August 8-9

"Seeking The Path" Pete Kautz's Alliance Spring Training Event - Ithaca, NY - March 21-22

2008 Seminar Reports
Drawpoint, Flexible & Improvised Weapons - Sankt Augustin Germany - August 9-10

2007 Seminar Reports
Riddle of Steel in Hell's Canyon - September 14-16, 2007

Western Martial Arts Workshop 2007 in Racine, WI - September 27-31
Combat Knife Throwing (90 Minute) & 19th Century American Bowie Knife Fighting (3 Hour)

Medieval German Unarmed Combat & Dagger Seminar In Chicago -
March 30-31

Instinctive Shooting Private Class - August 25

2006 Seminar Reports
Western Martial Arts Workshop 2006 In Dallas Texas - October 13-15

Daggers In Denver - October 7-8 2006

Drawpoint Defensive Knife Craft In Ashtabula, Ohio - March 4-5 2006

2005 Seminar Reports
Western Martial Arts Workshop In Racine Wisconsin - September 9-11 2005

Jumpgate Mind Sciences Program In Racine Wisconsin - September 8-9 2005

Bowie Knife & Double Knife Seminar In Denver, Colorado - June 25-26 2005

Evolution of the Blade 3-Day Seminar In Munich, Germany - May 27th-29th 2005

2004 Seminar Reports & Photos
5th Western Martial Arts Workshop - October 22-24, 2004

Riddle of Steel 2004 Seminar Report - Training on the Snake River with COMTECH

St. Gallen Switzerland - August 13-22, 2004

International Swordfighting & Martial Arts Convention - Lansing MI, August 6-8, 2004

Next Generation Stage Combat Program - June 28 - July 9, 2004

2003 Seminar Reports

Ottawa Medieval Sword Guild Camping Weekend 2003 - August 8-10, 2003

The Evolution of the Blade - Evanston, IL - April 4-6, 2003

2002 Seminar Reports
American Heritage Fighting Arts Association Seminar - Harriman, NY - October 18-20, 2002

The 2002 4th Annual Western Martial Arts Workshop - Dekoven Center September 13-15th 2002

Presas Arnis Largo Mano Single and Double Stick Fighting Seminar - Ottawa Canada, August 21

American Heritage Fighting Arts Demo, National War Museum - Ottawa, Canada - August 20, 2002

Big Steel Seminar Medieval Dagger and American Bowie Knife - Ottawa, Canada, August 10-11

Lansing International Swordfighting & Martial Arts Convention - Lansing MI, August 2-4, 2002

Evolution of the Blade Seminar - London, England, June 21-23, 2002

2nd Annual Medieval Swordsmanship Symposium & Pas d'Armes - Livermore CA, June 7- 9, 2002

Canadian Historical Martial Arts Workshop - Toronto, Canada, May 11, 2002

2001 Seminar Reports
Bowie Knife Class at EUSAIMAA Event - Pittsburgh, PA, Nov.2-4 2001

Hand-to-Hand Combat Camp - Dallas TX, Oct. 5-7 2001

USA Knife Combatives Camp - Des Moines IA, Sept. 28-30 2001

SFC Knife Seminar - Ottawa Canada, Aug. 11-12 2001

American Heritage Fighting Arts Seminar - Chicago IL, April 7-8 2001

2000 Seminar Reports
Bowie Knife Seminar - Yorktown VA, Dec. 10-11 2000

Western Martial Arts Workshop - Toronto Canada, Oct. 13-15 2000

American Hertiage Fighting Arts Class - Herkimer NY, Sept. 2000

American Heritage Fighting Arts - Ottawa Canada, Sept. 2000

Art of Combat International Seminar - Lansing, MI, May 2000

Medieval Dagger and Grappling - Oxford England, April 2000

Medieval Dagger and Grappling - Chicago, IL, February 2000

1999 Seminar Reports
Western Martial Arts Workshop - Chicago IL, 1999


Fun Stuff / Other Stuff

Free Fun Foxtrot
Condensed list of cool free RPGs and Wargames found on the 'net.

Hey There You Long Hairs - Locks of Love Needs Your Help!
Donate Your Hair to Help Sick Kids

Holidays with the Family - Alliance Style

Kung Fu Heroes Card Game - Free Fun!

The Pleasurable Art of Kung FOOD

Toy Soldiers
Free Wargame Rules from Alliance


Special Articles by Guest Authors

The Challenge / Deathmatch FAQ 2.5
By Kevin "Badger" Jones

Cold Water Dousing Photo Sequence
By Bob Charron

Grandma Chin-Jab:The Laundromat Encounter
By Don Rearic 2003 A True & Heartwarming Tale!

Injury and Safety in Training - Lessons from the Past Year
Important Guest Editorial by Greg Mele of the Chicago Swordplay Guild

19th Century American Heritage Arts Seminar Report
By Tod Creasey of
Young Forest and 16th North Carolina

Etiquette, Swordsmanship is not just fencing
By Frank Docherty of
New Albion

The Manly Art of Quarter-Staff
Origins of a Victorian Combat Sport

Guest Article by Tony Wolf

Spada & Daga - The Real Italian Fencing Art: Pt.I
By Graziano Galvani of Nova Scrimia

Spada & Daga: the Real Italian Fencing Art: Pt.II
Giacomo Di Grassi’s School and Didactics

By Graziano Galvani of
Nova Scrimia

By Trevor Robinson,
British Systema Association

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