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Welcome to Alliance Martial Arts!  My goal is to bring you the best in personal training with over 30 years experience and over 20 years as a full-time professional coach.  I've conducted seminars across the USA and around the world and have produced over 50 full length instructional DVDs.  I'm here to help extend your existing skill base and give you things you can use right now, not after 10 years of study.  All our programs are customized to fit your individual body type, mentality, strengths and weaknesses rather than using the typical cookie cutter one size fits all method of instruction you find at many schools. - Pete Kautz

The Six Major Areas Of Training We Offer

AFC Boxing
AFC Boxing is a blend of American, Filipino and Chinese Boxing methods. Practice is done with equipment like the focus mitts, through drilling technical exercises with a partner, and in controlled sparring. The focus is on evasion and defense using elbow shields, trapping, and many other street boxing tactics.

Filipino Martial Arts
The time tested art of Arnis excels in the use of single and double impact and edged weapons such as stick, double stick, staff, knife, and machete plus unarmed self defense and the vital skill of disarming an opponent.

American Bowie Knife
A modern progressive method for using the Bowie knife singly, as a paired set, and together with a pistol. Knife throwing, defending against multiple opponents and facing mixed weapons (rifle, bat, stick, etc.) are covered in addition to classical 1-on-1 dueling with the big steel.

American Instinctive Shooting
Shoot cans, coins, even a tiny aspirin or BB thrown high into the air...Impossible? We can show you how! This program covers instinctive shooting as passed on by the old time masters like Horace Fletcher, Ed McGivern, Col. Charles Askins Jr., Lucky McDaniel, and many others.

Warrior Mind Training
This is a special program in developing your senses of internal perception and intuition for various practical applications such as reducing stress, enhancing martial art skills, speed learning, and helping to solve problems in life.

Natural Health System
An integrated Eastern & Western method for well being and vitality. Classes are like a mix of Yoga, Tai Chi, Low Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Mental Training and Energy Work.

The Seven Major Learning Methods We Utilize

Monday Night Group Class
This is it!!!  A 90 minute blend of all the above courses.  A great work out, practical and fun!

Private Lessons
Every student at Alliance has the opportunity to train privately with me at least once a month for a half hour as part of the basic program.

Personalized At-Home Training Plan
Practice between lessons and classes is essential, so we help each student come up with a plan that will work for them to aid in developing their techniques and attributes.

Seminar Instruction
Throughout the summer and fall we host a series of half-day seminars that are free for Alliance students to attend.  These are a great time and a great way to boost your knowledge of the arts.

DVD Training
We produce DVDs that contain months of study material for you to train with at home, regardless of where you live, and we carry the full line of Comtech DVD titles as well.  In-house students at Alliance receive free DVDs of all Seminars they attend for later study as well as discounts on other titles.

Short Term Intensive Instruction
Brief customized programs are an excellent way you can learn exactly what you want and at your own pace.  These courses are tailored to suit your specific needs and deliver real results in weeks and months not years.  Tell me what you are after and we can make it happen.

Remote Coaching Program
You can live anywhere in the world and still benefit from working with us.

Training Details

Local Semi Private Group Class
Includes Monday Night Class, One Half-Hour Private Lesson, All Seminars & Discounts on Gear
1 Month / 100
6 Months / 500
Add a 2nd Family Member for 50 / Month

Local Private Instruction
Arranged to fit your schedule, on any topic.  Half-Hour sessions also available.  Can be split with a close friend or family member.
1 Hour / 50
6 Hours / 250

Short Term Intensive Personal Instruction
Full day training for people coming in from out of town.  You can bring a training partner along to share the experience with for no additional cost.  This program includes support both before and after the training to make sure you come prepared and that you lock in the skills once you return home!
Half Day / 250
Full Day / 500

1-On-1 Private Coaching Call
Have Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask?  Need Advice In Training?

Spend 30 or 60 minutes having a focused discussion with Mr. Kautz where he can advise you and answer whatever questions you may have.  Once you purchase a coaching call, we'll send you a follow-up email to arrange a day and time that will work for both of us.  Then, on that day just call in at the pre-set time and be ready to go!

30 Minutes - $30
1 Hour - $50


What's New - Timeline - Articles - Techniques - Catalog - Seminars - Links - Contact Us