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New DVD! AmEurAsian Stick & Blade Fencing Seminar

Intro To AmEurAsian Fencing Seminar DVD

Join in as Pete Kautz takes the class at Comtech Headquarters in Oregon through a rapid-fire introduction to the basics of AmEurAsian Fencing, edited to 50 minutes of pure instruction.  Featuring Master at Arms James A. Keating, this presentation covers elements of footwork, evasion, striking, hand switching, attacks to the 5 basic zones with their defenses, and how to flow at long range in constant counter and re-counter!  If you want to gain quick skill with using the single weapon this is it. (39 This Week Only)

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AmEurAsian Sabre, Stick, Scarf Training Video Article

Copyright Pete Kautz 2015

This week we're going to dive more in depth on the new AmEurAsian Stick & Blade Fencing program with not one, not two, but three new YouTube video clips that accompany this article! They will help illustrate how the art can look different depending on what weapon you are using.

(Or in the case of the Level 2 program, what two weapons you are using...more on that next time.)

In case you missed the Intro video from last week, here it is; watch it first and then go on to the others!

OK, for those who've already seen the Intro clip, in this first new video we're using singlesticks as a safe training stand in for sabers. For those unfamiliar, the singlestick is a traditional European and American fencing sword made with a hardened leather basket hilt and a wooden blade. Normally the blades would be made of hardwood, but ours are rattan for added safety.

As we work doing the basic counter for counter exercise, you can see how this resembles fencing because of the weapon used and the flavor it gives to the motions.

In this second video, we've swapped out the singlesticks for medium length sticks but are doing the exact same exercise and you see how it looks different. You also see us employing the hand switch, a classical Spanish movement that is both deceptive and effective in application.

The sticks we're using are padded so that contact can be made with relative safety because there are only two options in weapons work; you can pad the weapon or pad the man. And you can wear a whole suit of Medieval plate armor and still be badly hurt by steel or wooden weapons, so why not use a safer tool to practice with and a minimum of protective gear?

In the third video we're using bandannas in place of our short weapon. We are trying to keep them in constant motion to emphasize the lines of engagement around us. The soft flexible nature of the bandanna makes you want to move your body and emphasize evasion over opposing force to force.

Using the light scarf or bandanna as a developmental tool is something Mr. Keating did a YouTube video on recently as well. This will give you further insights into this easy to apply training method that can be useful in developing your patterned actions such as figure eights.

Hopefully seeing the same exercise done with the three different length weapons gives some insights into relative motion and how the AmEurAsian Fencing method can help you develop the flow.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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