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The Fight Ball Hand & Foot Coordination Drill
Copyright Pete Kautz 2016

This week I want to share some of the more formal training drills for the Fight Ball. If you train by yourself and don't have space for dedicated equipment like a double end ball or heavy bag then this is your solution.

And even if you do have equipment like that, you still might find that the Fight Ball's quick reaction is a lot of fun and you want to train with it over other gear. It is perhaps the most “alive” of all pieces of gear, and yet it can easily fit in your gym bag.

The drill I'm demonstrating in the clip is “Alternate Punching With Hand & Foot Coordination”. It is drill #5 of the 18 basics I'll be covering on an upcoming DVD. It combines drill #1 “Boxing Alternate Punching” with alternating foot steps so as to coordinate the hands and feet in time. The usefulness of this will be known to some already and will be covered in detail later. For now, learn it and see what it teaches you!

Fight Ball
Alternate Punching With Hand & Foot Coordination Drill

If you've watched professional Boxers warming up you may have seen them use this motion. It looks like they're running in place while firing short “shoeshine” punches. Sometimes you'll see them do it in the air and other times on the heavy bag, though the punching is kept light.

While odd looking at first, this upper and lower body coordination is essential to develop before adding in the various footwork patterns we utilize in later drills. You won't be able to move freely in space and keep the ball in motion without it!

On the video I also use a stance turning action to allow me to train both leads and the neutral lead (neither foot in front). You'll see the way I'm doing it here contrasted with the Yu Ma (Turning Horse) of Wing Chun in later drills.

In the video I rack up 442 hits in 2 minutes with no misses. Training like this you can see how it's easy to get in literally thousands of high speed, accurate punches each session. Even at a conservative 200 punches a minute, in a 12 round workout that would be 2400 punches thrown!

Though clearly these are not power punches because of the lightness of the ball your deltoids and triceps will feel it and you'll notice how much faster your punch initiation speed is next time you spar. The ball's lightness also means that you don't absorb impact like with the heavy bag, making this a gentler workout on your body.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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