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Comtech DVD Specials For December
Legacy of Steel and Unarmed & Dangerous Just $40 Each!
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Legacy of Steel Vol.1-2
Master at Arms James Keating's legendary training camp in Hells Canyon comes to life in this 2 DVD set produced by Paladin Press in 2001. Basics forward & reverse grip, counter-knife, Bowie, test cutting, and more await!

Unarmed & Dangerous Vol.1-2
MAA Keating presents a series of universal disarms useful against both short (knife, pistol) and long (stick, longarm) weapons. Powerful stuff including live fire demonstrations. (Note: Both volumes of the series are on a single DVD)

James Keating's Legacy of Steel / Unarmed & Dangerous
Copyright Pete Kautz 2017

For many years Master at Arms James A. Keating held a training camp in Hell's Canyon on the Snake River called The Riddle of Steel. The name comes from the film Conan, and if you've seen the movie then you know what the “riddle” is.

(If not, check it out! It's an older flick but still stands up as one of the best fantasy films, made in an era before computer graphics and effects.)

Beyond just training, the RoS was a real adventure; even getting to the remote camp meant getting on jet boats and traveling hours up the Snake River from Clarkston, Washington. These swift moving boats able to negotiate the treacherous currents are not for the faint of heart.

The camp its self was rustic with little more than simple cabins and a dining hall. But that's all you needed. The real reason for being there was the world class training and the opportunity to work with many talented knife men.

The hours started early and ran until late with all aspects of the blade being taught. Bowie knife, reverse grip, empty hand disarming, double knife, and so much more were covered as well as special sessions by guest instructors.

Times change, however, and Hell's Canyon and the camp site changed as well as more homes were built in what was once relatively inaccessible country along the river. The last RoS was held there in 2008 though the event still continues today at Comtech HQ in Milton Freewater Oregon every year.

Fortunately, Paladin Press filmed the 10th anniversary Riddle in 2001 and made a two volume DVD set called “The Legacy of Steel”. Though Paladin sadly went out of business this year after the death of Peter Lund (the President / Owner of the company) the rights on the video reverted to Mr. Keating and so we are able to continue to offer it.

On the DVDs you'll learn warm ups with the blade, reverse grip skills, empty hand disarming, how to do test cutting, Bowie knife, and more. Plus you'll get a look at Hell's Canyon, the Snake River, the jet boats, and some of the other aspects that made the event so unique.

This set showcases Keating at his finest and is something you'll want to watch again and again to get every last detail from. If you were ever there, the videos will certainly bring back fond memories of the experience.

Also, in addition to the Legacy of Steel, we're pleased to be able to offer you another Paladin produced Comtech video series called Unarmed & Dangerous. This two volume set covers a series of universal disarms useful against both short (knife, pistol) and long (stick, longarm) weapons.

Mr. Keating demonstrates quite dramatically how to put a handgun out of battery so it can not fire in a live segment you will remember. He also covers how a revolver can be seized so it can not fire.

This makes Unarmed & Dangerous a great addition to you self defense library. And with a little practice you will see how powerful these disarming methods are, even against someone larger or stronger than you.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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