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Sunrise Style Movement Training
This 64 minute DVD covers 24 techniques from Parkour conditioning, Russian Low Gymnastics, and Capoeira. Learn escapes (esquivas), rolls, quadruped movements, etc. to increase your toolbox of human motion while building strength and flexibility. Just 25 This Week

52 Blocks Basic Training, Footwork
& Advanced Footwork DVD Set
3 DVDs (2 Hrs. 15 Min.) Just $52 This Week Only!

Learn essential drills for 52 Blocks with Coaches Lyte Burly, Pete Kautz, and David Wells such as the rolling punch, shoeshine drills, blocks 1-20 in the AOD (Art of Defense) system with counter punches, head movement, sensitivity drills, the science behind why the blocks work to trick the eye, and tons of beginner to advanced dynamic drills that will turbo-charge your feet and put "wheels" under all the blocks and strikes that you've learned. You've seen Lyte Burly's footwork in countless YouTube sparring and training clips, now gain these skills for yourself!

Sunrise Style Movement Flow Training

2020 saw many people taking up projects of some kind as a way to deal with the realities of living in upside down world. Some learned to cook, some took up a craft skill, some made music, etc.

Being a martial artist, without intending too I created an imaginary style and it took my training in directions I never expected.

It started because 98% of my workouts were done solo and so I had a lot of time to just think while on rest breaks. And you know how it is when you're fatigued - your mind goes all kinds of directions!

And so it was on one of these breaks where the idea of a futuristic martial art as practiced in a cyberpunk world came to me. Something little crews of students did on rooftops of the mega-city early in the morning before the heat and radiation were too intense.

The more I thought about it, the more concrete the vision became and one day I sat down and wrote a short piece of fiction detailing the Sunrise Style as if I was writing about a real martial art that I was training in on Mars in the year 2252 with a group under Master Cachauate Peligroso.

This 4 page story eventually became a 34 page technical document detailing many aspects of the art.

Movement Flow Combining 52 Blocks Capoeira Low Gymnastics

But rather than leave it as fiction, out of both boredom with sets and reps and a desire for something new that was fun in late September I began to train the lessons as if they were real...

This in turn necessitated learning the basics of Capoeira and Parkour which at age 52 was a little intimidating at first. But in a few months the exercises helped to heal my body so I could do more and more kinds of new movement.

So in these clips we see some basic flow going from 52 Blocks into Capoeira and Low Gymnastics. This is considered the 3rd "Dish" or combination of arts of the Basic 12 you perform in Sunrise. Later on other elements like Tai Chi, Kali, Pistol, Calisthenics, Dance, etc. get mixed in or combined together to create new flow patterns.

In the first clip you see freestyle movement with no set pattern, and in the second one you see a timed alternating flow going between the standing and ground elements. They are both spontaneous combinations, just whatever came to mind to do so I could test the camera on a phone someone gave me to film with.

Normally when I train it's much more methodical with timed rounds of individual movements, so it might be a round of a specific Capoeira escape into the roll over, a round of a specific Low Gymnastic like the bear crawl, etc.

For example, today's workout was 14 x 1 minute rounds of Low Gymnastics (each a different type). These were alternated in an A/B/A/C format with 30 second bar hangs with knees raised (B) and 1 minute balance training on flat and inclined 2x4's (C). One minute of active rest followed each B or C set and consisted of practicing the geometrical footwork patterns of Kali with a light, dancing kind of feel to the rhythm. With the warm-up (Russian joint mobility sequence), cool down (bouncing a lacrosse ball and catching it like a punch) and some foam rolling it was just under an hour.

I like working for time over repetitions because you can pay more attention to the quality of the movement and can vary the pace throughout. And it frees the mind wonderfully - no more counting numbers!

Anyhow, look for more videos on the Sunrise style this year as well as the fiction and training outline in some form. Perhaps a book like Mr. Keating's Gentleman's Steel Reader series? We will see!

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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