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Alliance Modern Arnis Program (AMAP)
Ranking Guidelines 2004

The name Alliance Modern Arnis Program (AMAP) was chosen because it is a spiffy acronym and we feel that the art of Arnis will give the student "A Map" of physical motion to work from, and greater insight into the connections underlying all martial arts. It identifies the art with Professor Presas' Modern Arnis, but spun the Alliance way, as he encouraged us to do.

There are 4 tested belt levels in the Alliance Martial Arts Modern Arnis Program, with a white belt level for new students.

Belt Rank Level
Armed Combat
Unarmed Combat


Single Stick / Single Knife
Fist Load

Basic Unarmed Strikes & Kicks
Falls & Rolls


Double Stick
Long Stick

Advanced Unarmed Strikes & Kicks
Basic Arnis Joint Locks & Throws


Stick & Knife

Advanced Arnis Joint Locks & Throws
Basic Groundfighting


Advanced Knife

Advanced Groundfighting
Armed Grappling & Groundfighting

There are 4 teaching certifications that can also accompany a student's belt rank if they are interested and in earning such credentials. There is no fee for certification, but only truely worth individuals will earn these; rank can not be bought.

Teaching Certification possible...

at or about the rank of...

Class Organizer

Blue Belt

Basic Instructor

Green Belt

Advanced Instructor

Brown Belt

Full Alliance Instructor for Arnis

Black Belt

* Note: Don't confuse our ranking here or the Alliance Modern Arnis Program with the ranking or programs offered by the World Modern Arnis Alliance (a seperate group, led by Datu Timothy Hartman) Check out their program

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