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Alliance Tactical Cutting Course

Timed Draw and Strike Drills with Live Blades

These are a few of literally hundreds of drills and variations to be found in our program.

For these drills I am wearing a Columbia River Knife and Tool KISS neck-knife.

The target is about 5-6" thick of corrugated cardboard

When the trainer gives the signal, the trainee must orient, draw and attack as quickly as possible.

With that as a guideline, anything else can be added in.

You may have to breakfall or roll and then draw and stab a target.  You may throw something and then draw and attack.

A third partner may stand behind the dummy with a padded staff you can cut at.  They attack you with the staff as you rush in.  You must evade, block, trap or cut the staff and get the strikes into the target, and then get back out with out getting hit.

The options for this drill are limited only by your imagination.

There is a very real chance you could CUT THE PISS OUT OF YOURSELF doing this!
Please do not do this at home - You have been warned!

The Rush-N-Stab Response from 3 Different Positions

Side to Target

From a relaxed position...
Strike and draw neck knife
Draw to secure position
Deliver the torso stab

Kneeling Facing Away from Target

From a kneeling position...
Pivot and grasp the knife while looking at the target
Draw the knife and strike with the off hand
Continue pressure and clear the point to thrust
Slam in close and stab

Facing Away with Object in Hand

One possible response - Drop the bag, draw knife and attack

Other Options could include:

Transfer the bag to the left hand for use a shield.

Transfer bag to left hand for use as flail.

Throw the bag at target and attack.

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