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Tactical Anti-Crime Scenarios:
Fighting From a Car

    Learning to fight in varried terrain is an essential part of the Alliance Tactical Training Course.  Students learn to apply their basic skills to solve a number of scenarios, often starting from a position of disadvantage.  These scenarios are then drilled in a number of different terrain settings to further teach the connections between motions and develop applied skills.

    In the case of the car, there are a few basic situations you want to work.  Remember for each of these there are further breakdowns of specific positioning you can make.  The 3 basics are:
    1) You are both in the car
    2) You are in the car and the bad guy is outside
    3) The bad guy is in the car and you are outside

    You want to then vary the weapon or type of attack used.  Hands, knife, pistol, rope, or even a plastic bag are all good to work against.  More then just the weapons though, you want to work dialog into your scenarios as this will greatly change the timing and intensity, creating more realism and emotional pressure.

If you carry a clip-on folding knife, it can be very difficult to draw from your pocket while sitting in the car with a seatbelt on.

A solution to this is to simply clip the knife to your seatbelt as shown.

Hands reach through the window and grab my neck.  I instinctively trap them with my left arm while reaching for my knife with my right hand.

Draw the knife, pinching it by the blade for a biker flip opening (also called a handle drop opening).  I am making the move big here for the camera.

Bad Guy gets his right hand free and lunges, but I use an elbow-up (bong-sao) type action to roll the force off as I snap the knife open.

Grab Bad Guy's hand and jam it into the steering wheel, trapping his left arm which I index the knife on and deeply cut.

Bad Guy pulls his left hand back in reaction.  Keeping hold of the right arm, index cut it as well.

If circumstances warrant a lethal force response, maintain a pin and deliver a killing thrust.

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