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Just In Time For Halloween - "Back From Beyond" These
Classic Comtech Videos Live Again On DVD

Here they come, a cool blast from the past!  These two Comtech tapes have not been available for many years, but now they are back as re-mastered DVDs and value priced at only $30!

Low Line Traps, Body Levers & Blade Manipulations

This tape presents a blend of controlling levers, immobilizations and blade maneuvers.  It features a mix of skills as well as some “out of the ordinary” techniques.  It starts off with two-man footwork drills to develop the low line traps that disrupt an opponent’s balance and these are then incorporated into the body levers and upper body manipulations.  Once you have this drill down, sweeps and takedowns become easy to pull off because you will know where to step to set them up.  From here a series of knife fighting “blade in” grappling techniques are shown, incorporating the knife for leverage along with the sweeps and throws.  Finally, Jim ends the tape with an unusual series of Indonesian blade passes and hand exchanges done in front and back of the body, behind the knee, and so on, done to familiarize a student with their weapon and offer decoy "baiting" positions.  Not for raw beginners but some tasty treats for the experienced await.  Combine the leg traps taught in this DVD with what you learn in the Comtech Trapping Series and you can go far!  Running time 70 minutes.

Bits & Pieces Volume 2 – Lock Flow, Stick Disarming & Throwing

Like the first volume in the Bits & Pieces series, Volume 2 is made up of various video clips from both seminars and test shoots that Comtech has done over the years.  Where as the first volume focused on the dagger and knife disarming, this second volume covers lock flow and stick disarming, with a special segment at the end on stick throwing.  The first segment was shot at a law-enforcement seminar and covers lock flow concepts, including some of the master keys behind getting locks to work on uncooperative people.  The second part is an early test shoot covering stick fighting and disarming lines of Arnis / Kali / Escrima.  Some neat hand exchange drills for warm up and counter-counter drills are shown in addition to very good detailing on the basic styles of disarming (snake, vine, quick strip, etc.) run through the different weapons (single stick, double stick, swords, etc).  The final section is a short piece filmed “live” one night of Jim and the gang throwing sticks at a target and working to control the bounce off the floor so the stick would hit at shin or groin height.  Classic Comtech.  Running time 60 minutes.

Get Them Both Today On DVD!

Low Line Traps, Body Levers & Blade Manipulations
Bits & Pieces Volume 2: Lock Flow, Stick Disarming & Throwing

Plus Other Great COMTECH Titles
Comtech Specificity / Train At Home Series
All Solo DVDs Only $30!

The 1992 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp
Comtech grappling, knife combat sets 1-12, unarmed translations of the knife, pushdagger and more from this early Riddle of Steel Camp.

Bits & Pieces Volume 1: Daggers & Disarms
“Live” Dagger seminar, knife disarming progressions and more
filmed down on the ranch Comtech style.

Bits & Pieces Volume 2:
Lock Flow, Stick Disarming & Throwing

"Live" joint-lock control seminar for LEOs plus stick training.

Combative Whip
How to use a whip effectively for combat, target drills,
two-man drills, wrapping the arms & legs, and more.

The Comtech Crossada: Special Edition
The unreleased “Pirate Shirt” edition of “American Blade Craft 1” teaching the use of Keating's unique Crossada fighting knife.

Fighting Axe & Tomahawk
Hybrid East / West fighting skills with the axe and tomahawk
plus a section on hawk throwing make this one a classic.

Low Line Traps, Body Levers & Blade Manipulations
An "out of the ordinary" mix of leg trapping skills incorporated
with grappling and exotic Indonesian blade manipulations.

Panantukan Knife Boxing
Learn to use the boxer’s speed-bag like never before with
Filipino martial arts tactics, knives, elbows & trapping skills.

Push Daggers
A good basic tape for CQC with the pushdagger, utilizing
aspects of trapping and boxing combined with blade skills.

Spyderco Civilian
Learn the unique abilities of this or any other “hookbill”
style folder, plus a section on lifesaving options as well.

Structured Lock Flow
Less than lethal control options using nerve impulse reversal
and sensitivity skills to move from lock to lock.


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