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EXTREME Cold Water Dousing!

Central New York was hit with a massive ice storm for the last few days. We've lost power 4 times.
It has brought down a great many trees and left some people totally without power for 2 and 3 days.

You can see that the trees bent over from the weight of ice and snow ...but it is strangely beautiful!

Now, if one swamp dweller just LOVES the snow, it's Ms. Tigg - She has been having a blast!
We decided to go do some dousing (Tigg just said she'd watch...this water is way too cold for her!)

We went on the bridge and did some deep breathing exercises together, then I headed into the creek!
I had brought down my dousing bucket to make things easier, so I got underway...

Five full minutes and many buckets later I came back out, alive and refreshed!
Caught here trying to put my shirt back on, you can see the glow of radiant health!
(Or at least a happy smile)

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