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Scenes From The DVD!

Crossing the Bridge
Entry Into Close Combat

Do you want to stand toe-to-toe and "slug it out" with Mongo?

Try and match flesh and bone, mass and power, with someone else who might be younger, larger, and stronger than you?

OR do you want to cross the bridge, tie up their guns so they are unable to hit you, and then strike them in places they don't even know are exposed?

Jim Keating prefers this second approach...and that's what he shares with you here on Crossing the Bridge!

Crossing the Bridge is the latest release in the Comtech New-Millennium Series filmed 'live' on the ranch in Oregon.  Of all the DVDs released so far Jim Keating has said "This one is my favorite!"

However there are no two ways about it.  Crossing the Bridge is an advanced level DVD!

You will already need to have a basic understanding of what trapping is and how to do chi sao and hubud before you're really going to be able to apply what Jim shares here.

Otherwise it would be like going to college before kindergarten.  Even if you understood what to do, you just wouldn't have the level of tactile sensitivity developed to utilize bridging.

But if you've "been around the block" with chi sao and hubud you're in for a treat.  Especially if like so many of us you learned these drills over the years but never were shown specifically how to apply them for fighting then this DVD will be an eye-opener. 

You will finally understand how, when and why to use the sensitivity you've developed.

In that sense Crossing the Bridge is more of a thinking man's DVD much like the Conceptual Gold series more than simply another collection of traps or what not.

It's not about learning a ton of new fancy moves, but instead about the mentality of utilizing the basic skills in combat.

Even just listening as Jim explains the logic of his personal battle-plan as far as crossing the bridge and ending the fight from there will be enlightening to anyone who's wondered how to utilize trapping in the real world.

Anyone who's ever touched hands with him will tell you - Jim Keating's trapping skills are world class!  Now they can be yours in this master class on entry to close combat.

Crossing the Bridge: Entry Into Close Combat

An ADVANCED LEVEL master-class on how to enter into close range and dominate the fight from there using trapping skills mixed with striking, locking, or use of weapons..


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