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Capture the Stab, Pull and Twist, Elbow Strike, Leg Reap and Arm Bar

Capture the Stab, Elbow Break, Rear Leg Takedown, "Silat Moment"

Hock Quotes from this weekend:

"Kill 'em, throw 'em down, kill 'em again!"

"Grab the gun, grab the gun, grab the gun!"

"When they stick - KICK!"

"After the takedown, you can have any finish you like, as dictated by your style.
You might have the Col. Rex Applegate Moment (Stomps on attacker with boots)...
You might have the Silat Moment (Does multiple drop knees to chest and head)...
You might have the Karate Moment (Does downward power punching to throat and vitals)..."

We also wanted to add "You might have the Johny Woo Moment"!

Mike May, Pete Kautz, and Lily Gold of Alliance with Hock Hochheim

Report from the East Coast Knife Camp
Virginia, August 19-20, 2000

    In the 18th and 19th centuries, Virginia had a reputation for producing great fighters; men who could scrap rough-and-tumble, no holts barred, kill with a knife, sword or gun, ax, whatever was at hand.  In the 21st century, this warrior sprit lives on, and it seemed fitting in many ways to be at a knife fighting event here.  The training took place in the historic Chaimberlain Hotel, with it's classic architecture and view of the harbor; and I could only imagine the grandeur if we had been holding this event in the hotel's heyday.  As I stood out on the back verandah, looking out to the water, I chuckled as I imagined us all in the clothes of the time, with our Bowies, training together as the same wedding parties passed by in the hall, semi oblivious to us, more resplendent than ever in their fancy dress...

    This 2nd Annual Event was hosted by Col. Dwight McLemore (US Army, Ret.) who heads the School of Two Swords.  At his school, Dwight teaches American, European, and Asian sword and knife styles including Kendo and Korean Sword, Western Medieval and Renaissance Swordplay, American Bowie Knife, and more.  If you would like to learn high level weapons arts from a true modern warrior, leader, teacher, and friend, then you would be well advised to (politely) contact him at (757) 890-2228, or visit the School of Two Swords new location at  5724 George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown, VA.

    The 40 some participants represented a mix of martial arts styles, and most everyone there had a black-belt in something or other.  The number of folks who were relatively new to the Blade arts, though, surprised me.  Most had come from striking styles, eager to learn more about about how to use the knife as a defensive weapon and how to defend against it when unarmed.  They were not disappointed, either, as Hock spent a good chunk of time going through the Tradesman level material from the Knife Congress.

    Though this material was familiar territory for the advanced folks, it was both inspirational and insightful to hear Hock's stories of how these same basic techniques and scenarios had played out in real life encounters that he, or fellow officers, had been in.  I believe that with techniques, the "How is easier than Why, When, and Where!" and this at is something a lot of teachers ignore.  They cheat the students and teach more of a sport if there is no greater context for the fight than "step to the lines, bow, fight".

    Hock's "Video Grandmaster" Leland Belding was also on hand to film segments for an upcoming Congress video detailing close quarters knife grappling "In the Clutches" of the Enemy, and for the new "Journeyman Knife" series!  Hock demonstrated everything with Alliance instructor Mike May being "the enemy" for Saturday and half of Sunday.  Mike did a lot of falling, and the rest of the class did a lot of learning!  Shown was knife groundfighting, using the folder to assist in gun retention, counters to quick draws, and more.  The rest of Sunday was my turn to be "Uke", as we worked for the final few hours on the Pananastas drill (also known as Enganyo) which was shown in a way that made this advanced drill possible even for the novices.

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