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Filipino Martial Arts Special!

Updated 2/15/2004

Arnis Specific Links

General Filipino Martial Arts Links

Filipino Martial Arts Articles from Black Belt Magazine

Arnis Specific Links

Modern Arnis Remy P. Presas International Organization (MARPPIO)
Remy Presas Jr., Mary Ann Presas, Demetrio Jose Presas, Roland Dantes, Rodillo B. Dagooc, Jeremias de la Cruz, Vicente Sanchez, and others now carry on Professor Remy A. Presas Legacy

Abanico Productions
Datu Dieter Knuttel's site.

Arnis Action
Datu Shishir Inoc
alia's site.

Belvue Martial Arts Accademy
Punong Guro Myrlino P. Hufana's web site.

International Modern Arnis Federation

Professor Remy A. Presas himself established the International Modern Arnis Federation (IMAF) to perpetuate Modern Arnis worldwide. Today the IMAF is run by an executive board.

Grandmaster Ernesto Presas' web site.

Natural Spirit International
Datu Kelly Worden's web site - great resource for training videos!

Tubaw Arts and Culture Homepage
Arnis Articles in English!
Arnis: Healing a People's Soul & Arnis: History and Overview

World Modern Arnis Alliance
Datu Tim Hartman's site.

World Modern Arnis Coalition
Datu Kelly Worden has established the World Modern Arnis Coalition; Technical Advisors include The Presas Family, Remy Jr., Demitrio, Roland Dantes, Jim Keating, Leonard Trigg, Dr. Brett Jacques, Lawrence Jordan, Bob Anderson
The WMAC Internet Forum can be found HERE.

General Filipino Martial Arts Links!

Angel's Disciples
Dedicated students of the late Grandmaster Angel Cabales

Bahala Na Systems International
The legendary Leo Giron's System of Arnis Escrima

Balintawak Arnis
This is a tribute site Bob Silver C. Tabimina by his students. Great old pictures, stories and more.

Balintawak Eskrima
Great information on this rare and powerful counter-for-counter style

The Steel Butterfly of the Philippines! Learn more about these famous knives here.

Dog Brothers
No FMA page could be complete without these groundbreaking canines!

English to Tagalog Online Instant Translator
Convert English to Tagalog easily with this handy tool!

Escrima Digest
The long-running FMA discussion group. Many great threads with some of the top experts.

Figure Eight and Florete Striking Styles!
Insight into concepual motion with Master at Arms James Keating.
Advanced Sumbrada tape is fantastic - If you do Sumbrada, then get this now!

FMA Database
Huge resource listing provided by the
Pekiti-Tirsia organization.

FMA Digest
Excellent FREE magazine in a downloadable format. GET IT!

Have basic questions about the FMA? This is a good place to start!

Grandmaster Vincent Angel Cabales Sr.
Official web site of Grandmaster Vincent Angel Cabales Sr.

Jerry Meyers
Teaching Original Lucay Lucay Kali Jeet Kune Do

Kali Pages
Fantastic site with links to tons of material! Free photo techniques, video clips, articles and more!

San Miguel Eskrima
Founded by the late Filemon D. Canete, includes rare arts like chain, whip, and throwing knife.

Sayok Kali
Well known blade masters teaching their unique family style!

SFC Archipelago Combatives
Scientific Fighting Congress course blending the essence of Filipino, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Japanese combat and expressing them with stick, knife, double stick, stick and knife, staff and empty hands!

Tenio's DeCuerdas Escrima
In Stockton, Calif. The inheritor is GM Richard Tenio and Arthur Gonzalez is a Master Instructor.

Virtual Drill Master
Free computerized FMA drill program by Ashley Bass of
Kali Pages - This is Very Cool!

Articles on the FMA from the
Black Belt Magazine Archives

Angel Cabales
1991 Weapons Instructor of the Year

Cabales Serrada Escrima
Originally published in Black Belt

Graciela Casillas
1989 Woman of the Year

Casillas' Corner
The Art Must Live
What's the Essence of Combat?

The Crippling Kicks of Escrima
Sticks and Kicks Give Filipino Stylists a Deadly One-Two Punch

Dan Inosanto
1996 Man of the Year

Kali's Unarmed Combat Techniques
"Defanging the Snake" With Your Hands, Elbows and Knees

Remy Presas
1995 Weapons Expert of the Year

Kali's Devastating Double Stick Fighting Method

Stick Fighting in the Phillipines
The Home Team Dominates the Competition ate the World Escrima-Kali-Arnis Championships

Tactical Baton Training
Safe, Simple, and Effective techniques from Leo Gaje

Tested Tough
The Fearsome Fighting Blades of the Philippines

Way of the Warrior
Arnis Grandmasters, Part 1: Crispulo Atillo
Arnis Grandmasters, Part 2: Timoteo and Rodrigo Maranga

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