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Modern Knives Issue #6
Filipino Stick Fighting
Two DVD Set ~ 120 Minutes

Our Special Guests:
Dr. Remy Presas

The Visadario (Counter the Counter) of Modern Arnis

"Big" Ken Smith
The Sibat Filipino Long Staff


James Keating
Filipino Police Stick Tactics - Releasing & Locking

Pete Kautz
Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat

Musical Guest:
Seasons Of The Wolf
Classic Hard Rocking Canine Metal

Modern Knives #6: Filipino Stick Fighting is a TWO-DVD, TWO-HOUR-LONG very special issue!


The FIRST DVD opens with Pacific Northwest heavy-hitter and MK Special Guest “Big” Ken Smith sharing his insights into the art of Sibat, the Filipino Long Staff.  Ken is an incredibly skilled and equally humble man who can rock and roll with the best of them.  We first met at the 1994 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp where Ken taught an excellent session on the empty-hand translations of the Comtech Knifecraft Com-Sets, and as happens at the ROS we been fast friends ever since.  I am very pleased to be able to introduce Ken to a wider audience through Modern Knives and think folks will really enjoy this look at this most ancient of weapons.


James A. Keating presents a look at a sub-section of the art known as Filipino Police Baton Tactics or “stick releasing and locking techniques”.  Another fascinating segment to be sure, and a rare chance to see Jim in action with the stick (not something you see often – out of nearly 50 DVDs that Jim has done there is only ONE devoted to the stick “Advanced Sumbrada


Our SECOND DVD opens with Special Guest Dr. Remy Presas, the son of the late Professor Remy Presas, founder of the art of Modern Arnis.  Dr. Presas was the FIRST Black Belt in the art of Modern Arnis and trained under his father’s watchful eye from the time he could walk.  He has trained under the top Modern Arnis Masters of the Philippines and is an amazing technician and instructor as well as heir to the legacy of his father’s art, Modern Arnis.  In a world of jackals and pretenders to the throne, Dr. Remy Presas is a Lion come to reclaim his father’s domain!  In his segment he shares the Visadario or counter-the-counter techniques of Arnis filmed live at a seminar.  Humorously, you will get to see him beat on our other Special Guest, "Big" Ken Smith during part of the presentation.


As for myself (Pete Kautz) this time I get into the structure of the double stick fighting method of Arnis in a segment intended to go with the article I wrote in 1995 on “Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat”.  Many people today think that the Siniwali is “old fashioned & doesn’t work” but in this segment I show some of the exact drill progressions we use to develop this into a legitimate combative skill.  Plus, once you learn the simple mathematical logic behind the Siniwali that I present here, you will be able to create literally hundreds of new Siniwali patterns yourself! 

To top everything off, my canine brethren Seasons Of The Wolf will be joining us again as our Special Musical Guest.  You might remember them from MK#1, and they are back again for MK#6 with several songs off of their 2001 CD Nocturnal Revelation including “Dead Zone”, “Quilex”, and “Transmission”.  These guys tour a lot of clubs and are a blast to see live, plus they are so dog-gone nice off stage!  I got to hook up with “the pack of ‘em” when they were in Ithaca, NY a few months back and it was one HOWL of a good time!  Visit http://www.sotwmetal.com for more Seasons Of The Wolf goodness.

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Modern Knives #1: The Spanish Fighting Arts
Cinco Teros Sword & Dagger Method (Pete Kautz)
Spanish Notch & Trapping Guards (James A. Keating)
Spanish Navaja Knives (James Loriega)

Modern Knives #2:
South East Asian Fighting Arts
Kerambit Hook Knife (James A. Keating)
Thrusting Triangle Drills (Pete Kautz)
Filipino Knife (Kelly Worden)

Modern Knives #3: Modern Knife Concepts
The Keating / Spyderco Chinook Folding Knife (James A. Keating)
Comtech Drawpoint Level I : Extensions & Variations (Pete Kautz)
Defeating the Surprise Knife Attack (Dale Seago)

Modern Knives #4: The Western Martial Arts
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Dagger of Medieval German Master Andre Lignitzer (Pete Kautz)
Basic Dagger from Master Fiore DeLiberi, 1410 (Bob Charron)

Modern Knives #5: The American Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife & Revolver Method (James A. Keating)
The Bowie Knife & Saber Connection (Pete Kautz)
Defending The Snap Cut To The Hand (Dwight McLemore)
Forging The Fighting Bowie (Bill Bagwell)
Wearing The Bowie Knife Concealed (Mike Sastre)

Modern Knives #6: Filipino Stick Fighting
Filipino Police Stick Tactics - Releasing & Locking (James A. Keating)
Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat (Pete Kautz)
The Visadario (Counter the Counter) of Modern Arnis (Dr. Remy Presas)
The Sibat Filipino Long Staff ("Big" Ken Smith)

Modern Knives #7: The Grappling Arts
Knife Grappling From The 1992 Riddle Of Steel (James A. Keating)
3-Stage Lock Flow Sequences Out Of Hubud (Pete Kautz)
Western Catch Wrestling Conditioning & Submissions (Dr. Les Moore)
Fighting From The Ground VS. A Standing Opponent (Mark Hatamaker)

Modern Knives #8: Combative Drills & Skills
Snake Rope Solo Training & Applications (James A. Keating)
The Figure-8 Stick Fighting Method (Pete Kautz)
Combat Escrima Knife & Stick Drills (Ed Lawson)

Modern Knives #9: World Arts
Fighting Bandanna Quick Start Guide (Pete Kautz)
Comtech Spear (James A. Keating)
Sikaran Kicks, Sticks & Blades (Rob Simons)

Modern Knives #10: Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat
Pistol & Walking Cane (James A. Keating)
Cinco Teros Knife Method (Pete Kautz)
Handgun Marksmanship (Laci Szabo)

Modern Knives #11: Savate, Sungkiti & The C.A.T.
Sungkiti Concepts - The Reverse Thrusting Line (James A. Keating)
Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy Construction & Drills (Pete Kautz)
Savate Defense Dans La Rue Old School Savate Street Fighting (Craig Gemeiner)

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