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Modern Knives Issue #7
The Grappling Arts
Two DVD Set ~ 129+ Minutes

Our Special Guests:
Dr. Les Moore

Western Catch Wrestling Conditioning & Submissions

Mark Hatmaker
Fighting From The Ground VS. The Standing Opponent


James Keating
Indonesian & Native American Knife Grappling From The 1992 Riddle Of Steel

Pete Kautz
3-Stage Lock Flow Sequences Out Of Hubud

Musical Guest:
Missing Marcus
Female Fronted Bluesy Hard Rock Recording Artists
Live Missing Marcus Footage Courtesy Of Xtreme Soundscapes

Modern Knives #7: The Grappling Arts Special is another TWO-DVD, OVER-TWO-HOUR-LONG special issue!


Modern Knives #7: Disc 1

Jim Keating opens MK#7 teaching some brutal aspects of Indonesian and Native American grappling both with and without the knife taken from his 1992 Riddle of Steel Seminar DVD.  Not your standard type of grappling, these techniques deal with wrenching joints, breaking spines, and other “non-sport” types of maneuvers intended for the street.


Dr. Les Moore will blow your mind with tons of old school wrestling submission holds and unique conditioning drills, including the Appalachian Wrestler’s Tree Exercises, the Purring Bag, and the Wrestler’s Ladder.  To quote Dr. Moore, “Once you master the Wrestler’s Tree exercises, when you put a hold on it is NOT coming off!”  Once you see this, you will understand why!  As far as I know this drill has never been shown on any instructional tape before.  Plus, tons of Catch Wrestling submissions that will catch your opponent off guard and make him tap the mat like he’s doing a drum solo.


Modern Knives #7: Disc 2

Mark Hatmaker shares a terrific section on how to fight from the ground against a standing opponent.  He shows how to move, defend, counter kick, and get up against the kicker / grappler who has knocked you down.  This segment is condensed footage taken from his independent monthly RAW Series DVD #31 that Mr. Hatmaker has very generously allowed us to share with you in Modern Knives!  You can learn more about all of Mark Hatmaker’s excellent training programs at his Extreme Self Protection web site.

Finally, Pete Kautz's segment explores a series of three-phase extended grappling-flow transitions taken out of the hubud trapping hands drill, incorporating over 24 individual techniques drawn from a mix of grappling styles.  Joint locks, chokes, takedowns, knife disarms, counters and more are combined in short sequences you can mix in with hubud and to inspire your own training scenarios.  We tried to incorporate a lot of different material in the flow sets so hopefully there will be “something for everyone”.

Plus, as always, we bring you original music!  This time we feature Musical Guest Missing Markus.  This female fronted bluesy hard-rock act is a little milder than many of the metal and punk bands we’ve featured on MK and I think you’ll really enjoy what you hear.  I’ve seen them play out at a lot of shows in Ithaca and they never fail to satisfy!


Plus, because of our good relationship with Xtreme Soundscapes you will actually get to see Missing Marcus during the opening and closing credits, filmed live two different Xtreme Soundscape shows here in Ithaca, NY.  The XS crew does a great job putting together shows and DVD compilations of footage, so check out their free downloads of the different volumes of Xtreme Soundscapes at their website!


All in all, MK#7 is another information packed issue that is sure to give you months of training value.  If I were to guess, I would wager there are easily over 60 different grappling techniques shown between our four segments so everyone should have lots and lots to practice!

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Modern Knives #1: The Spanish Fighting Arts
Cinco Teros Sword & Dagger Method (Pete Kautz)
Spanish Notch & Trapping Guards (James A. Keating)
Spanish Navaja Knives (James Loriega)

Modern Knives #2:
South East Asian Fighting Arts
Kerambit Hook Knife (James A. Keating)
Thrusting Triangle Drills (Pete Kautz)
Filipino Knife (Kelly Worden)

Modern Knives #3: Modern Knife Concepts
The Keating / Spyderco Chinook Folding Knife (James A. Keating)
Comtech Drawpoint Level I : Extensions & Variations (Pete Kautz)
Defeating the Surprise Knife Attack (Dale Seago)

Modern Knives #4: The Western Martial Arts
ingle-Action Revolver Twirling (James A. Keating)
Dagger of Medieval German Master Andre Lignitzer (Pete Kautz)
Basic Dagger from Master Fiore DeLiberi, 1410 (Bob Charron)

Modern Knives #5: The American Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife & Revolver Method (James A. Keating)
The Bowie Knife & Saber Connection (Pete Kautz)
Defending The Snap Cut To The Hand (Dwight McLemore)
Forging The Fighting Bowie (Bill Bagwell)
Wearing The Bowie Knife Concealed (Mike Sastre)

Modern Knives #6: Filipino Stick Fighting
Filipino Police Stick Tactics - Releasing & Locking (James A. Keating)
Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat (Pete Kautz)
The Visadario (Counter the Counter) of Modern Arnis (Dr. Remy Presas)
The Sibat Filipino Long Staff ("Big" Ken Smith)

Modern Knives #7: The Grappling Arts
Knife Grappling From The 1992 Riddle Of Steel (James A. Keating)
3-Stage Lock Flow Sequences Out Of Hubud (Pete Kautz)
Western Catch Wrestling Conditioning & Submissions (Dr. Les Moore)
Fighting From The Ground VS. A Standing Opponent (Mark Hatamaker)

Modern Knives #8: Combative Drills & Skills
Snake Rope Solo Training & Applications (James A. Keating)
The Figure-8 Stick Fighting Method (Pete Kautz)
Combat Escrima Knife & Stick Drills (Ed Lawson)

Modern Knives #9: World Arts
Fighting Bandanna Quick Start Guide (Pete Kautz)
Comtech Spear (James A. Keating)
Sikaran Kicks, Sticks & Blades (Rob Simons)

Modern Knives #10: Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat
Pistol & Walking Cane (James A. Keating)
Cinco Teros Knife Method (Pete Kautz)
Handgun Marksmanship (Laci Szabo)

Modern Knives #11: Savate, Sungkiti & The C.A.T.
Sungkiti Concepts - The Reverse Thrusting Line (James A. Keating)
Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy Construction & Drills (Pete Kautz)
Savate Defense Dans La Rue Old School Savate Street Fighting (Craig Gemeiner)

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