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Updated 2/15/2004

Kung Fu Spotlight

With over 1500 styles of Kung Fu in China alone, it is impossible to provide links or information on them all. Here, then, are links to a few sights that I found of interest in my travels around the web. There was a distinct lack of good technical articles on Kung Fu, but with the long-standing tradition of secrecy in the Chinese arts, this is not surprising.

To be honest, after finding all the cool Kenpo / Kempo links I was hoping to find some great Kung Fu stuff, but if there are good Kung Fu fighting articles on the web...somehow I couldn't find 'em! No one wanted to give away their techniques, maybe?

It is traditional for a Kung Fu master to reserve the best parts of their art for only their prize student, and many styles have "showing forms" to be done in public and taught t the lower ranking students who have not "proven themselves worthy". Though this seems insane, these traditions have carried over to the current day. Some styles even have fake sets and bogus applications to show in public or teach to those they do not trust!

Asociacion Kai Men de Kung Fu Argentina
Master Horacio Di Renzo and Jeronimo Milo teach Hung Sing Choy Li Fat (Cheun Hung Sing branch) and Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Ku Yu Chan branch) in Argentina.

Chin Wu Athletic Association
Information on a variety of Kung Fu styles.

Combat Application of Shaolin Kung Fu
Article on applying moves from the forms to actual fighting, by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit

East Hills Kung Fu San Soo
Good site for basic forms and techniques of San Soo - they even have an online video game!

Hung Gar - Fist of the Hung Family
This is a classic and powerful Southern style of Kung Fu, made famous by Wong Fei Hung

Lama Kung Fu Articles
Articles on this rare style from the US Lama Kung Fu Association

San Sao Battle Techniques
Video clips of San Sao techniques in action, from TLH Kung Fu.

Sifu Anibal Tanus Kung Fu Home Page
Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu in Buenos Aires. Info, pics and videos

Stone Lion Kung Fu
Good Canadian site in English and French

What more can I say about this page?

Young Forest Kung Fu Club
My brother's school in Ottawa, Canada!

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