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On the Edge Radio:
Kelly Worden
Interviews Pete Kautz

Recently I was contacted by Datu Kelly Worden to be on his radio program, On the Edge.

Like so many wonderful things in life, it was a complete surprise. One minute I'm sipping my morning coffee and checking my e-mail, the next thing I know I'm on the phone with Kelly and he's telling me "Call back in 20 minutes and we'll do the show."

We spoke about Professor Remy Presas, Western martial arts, Jim Keating, and many other topics.

Datu Worden archives all of his radio programs afterwards, and has
tons of past shows available HERE that you can go through and listen to. These are not interviews that you will ever hear on NPR! A real treasure trove of martial musings - all for free. Salamat Po! (Thank You Sir)

Select Western Links:

If you listened to the show and are a new visitor here at Alliance who wants to learn more about the Western martial arts, then please check out the following links as a "quick start".

Alliance "German Art of War" Program
This is our program on the Medieval German style combat, focusing on the
dagger and wrestling aspects of the art.

Chivalry Bookshelf
This is the
worlds leading publisher of historical swordplay related books. These are the best books to start with since they are chock full of photographs and explanations of the original text by modern researchers. They also carry videos, training gear, and more.

This site has the
best forums for historical swordplay and related discussion in the Western martial arts. If you have interest in any kind of swords, East or West, this is the place to go. You must sign up to be allowed to view the forums.

Association of European Medieval Martial Arts
The AEMMA are a Canadian-based organization with a magnificent web site. They have
many of the major historical fencing works available for free online in their library, as well as an original book on the use of the longsword available as a free download.

American Heritage Fighting Arts Association
The AHFAA is a group dedicated to preserving the
19th century American styles of combat and physical culture such as the bayonet, Bowie knife, bullwhip, cane, saber, tomahawk, wrestling, boxing, shooting, and so on.

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