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Oregon Training Odyssey
Copyright Pete Kautz 2015

Howdy all. Sorry to miss the last week's Training Tips but I was still out in Oregon training with Mr. James A. Keating of Comtech!

We spent a full week working together and it was an eye opening experience in terms of just what levels of true SKILL that exist out there. The world is full of rough and violent people but ones with absolute refined ability, true Kung Fu, are shocking to encounter.

I've seen and experienced a lot of things in the last 35 years I've been involved in the martial arts and it is incredibly rare to meet men that have reached this level.

For example, what is it like when you meet someone who can simply touch you and with nothing other than specialized grip training project you anywhere they desire?

How does the fight change when a man can literally put you on your butt the floor, or fire you into the wall like a cannon ball, or just snap your whole body like a whip – all with just a small pulse of energy (jing) and no apparent effort at any moment after they've touched or grabbed you!

What if these movements also just “seemed” to lead to instant submissions, entangled arm breaks, and low line traps designed to go after the opponent's legs?

A fight does not go more than a few seconds at this level for real. There is no sparring or prolonged set up; in the flash of an eye it is over. A bystander might turn to suddenly see a man in a crumpled heap on the floor and another calmly walking off, and have no concept of what just occurred.

One could compare this to putting your hand into a running lawn mower. In that split-second you made a bad decision and you're done. There's no defense or counter other than to not reach your hand into a running lawn mower in the first place.

To me, it was awesome to see and feel this. It is scary! And it opens your mind to a whole new level of what is functional and possible in this world.

Of course we covered all manner of weapons work throughout the week as well including hours and hours of stick, double stick, sword & dagger, staff, Drawpoint, etc.

We also did a little bit of filming including some YouTube footage and a short DVD explaining some of the "how and why" behind the Comtech Bowie method that people have often asked about, such as why we use the fencing masks and flexi daggers, and so on.

We also got some nice footage of Mr. Keating and I practicing the basics of the new AmEurAsian Fencing method which is something we've been at work on behind the scenes for some time now.

On Monday night Mr. Keating graciously let me share the AmEurAsian Fencing with his class and we got that whole session on film too! The guys did great in picking up the footwork, strikes, and partner drills and I'll be excited to see how they've innovated on the basics by the next time I see them.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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