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"Seeking The Path"
Alliance Spring Training Event

Ithaca, NY - March 21-22, 2009

All 30 Spaces Have Been Filled For Seeking The Path, Thank You!

We'll See Everyone On March 21-22!

From: Peter A. Kautz

Hello!  Id like to invite you to join us for Seeking The Path, the first official Alliance Spring Event were holding here in Ithaca, NY on March 21-22, 2009.

Seeking The Path will feature two full days of high intensity training in Eastern & Western knife, stick, and unarmed combat plus a special night time session on mental training skills for martial arts success!  Well be covering lots of new material to integrate as well as fresh insights on classic drills and skills that will be familiar.

Plus on Saturday evening we'll be holding a special session to help everyone develop an individualized personal training blueprint for 2009 and beyond.  In this session you'll be given specific instruction and assistance in creating your OWN plan in a way that makes sense and fits your life and makes you happy.   Like I've told people before, "This is all very simple, but it guarantees your future successes if you will just follow directions once you're done!"

For some it might cause a renewed interest in training; a new spark to explore different avenues of expression.  For others it might mean going outside the arts to expand your abilities there.  It may lead to more training on the physical side or the mental side, only you will know.  For some it will open new vistas of possibility or even new enterprise while for others it might be as simple as making time for their kids or spouse every day.  I do not know what it might be for you, but I know it will all be good.

On the tactical side, we'll be doing 12 hours of hands-on intensive training covering advanced focus mitts, applied trapping hands and weapon trapping, the art of flow, weapon & unarmed core skill matrix, hellbow shields, recombination & binary sequencing for maximizing elements, attribute training, connecting drills and concepts you may know but in ways and much more with knife, stick, double knife, double stick, stick and knife, two-hands and more!

I am pulling out all the stops here and planning on presenting more of the combative side of the curriculum than at previous events where I was limited by a historical or single-theme topic.  This will be a tactical buffet more like the format at the Riddle of Steel or other advanced camps, and so ideally you should have some martial arts background before attending because we are going be covering a LOT of material.  Everyone is free to go at their own pace when we train, but if in doubt please e-mail me to ask before signing up.

All the very best to you,

Pete Kautz

Pre-Register BEFORE February 14 - Just $98 & Get A FREE $50 Gift Package!

* Registration is limited to 30 people.  We currently have ONE space remaining onboard so sign up today.

* After February 14 the price for the event will jump to $148 and yes, youll still get the $50 bonus gift package because Ill know how many to bring.

* The week of the event and "at the door" registration will be $198 and we cannot guarantee admittance or bonuses.  To avoid disappointment, please do register as early as possible, OK!  Its better for both of us.

All my very best and I hope to see you there,

Peter A. Kautz

Contact: petekautz@lightlink.com / 607 594-2250

Register Today!

Seminar Pre-Registration
Special - Only $98 Until Feb 14!

After February 14
Registration Will Be $148

After March 14
Registration Will Be $198

ONE Space Remains For Seeking The Path - Hurry!

Call or E-Mail Me
To Register!
(607) 594-2250

ONE Space
Remains Open,
Is It Yours?

Note: You will be charged shipping when you use this PayPal Button.  That is because we're going to be sending you materials before the event so you will arrive prepared and be able to get the most out of this training opportunity. - PK

When you sign up we will send you complete info on how to register at the hotel.  You MUST get your room there before March 1 to get the special seminar rate!

You'll need to fly into the Ithaca, NY Airport no later than early Saturday morning the 21st - we will be starting at 9:00 am that day!  The hotel does have a free shuttle service to the airport.  There is taxi / car rental available at the airport as well.  We will not be arranging any rides.

We'll be having a get together in the hotel lounge on the evening of Friday the 20th, so if you are there you'll get a chance to meet everyone before we start training.

The hotel is downtown Ithaca so you should not need to rent a car.  It is very close to food, bars, shopping, etc. all within walking distance.


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