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2002 Lansing International Sword Fighting and Martial Arts Convention
Lansing, Michigan - August 2-4
Hosted by
Art of Combat

2002 LISMAC Instructor Portrait
From Left to Right:
Back Row: Maestro Jeanette Acosta Martinez, Brian McIlmoyle, Maestro Ramon Martinez, Bob Charron,
Maestro Paul MacDonald, William Wilson, Maestro Andrea Lupo Sinclair, Jared Kirby, Tim Ruzicki
Front Row: Ken Pfrenger, J.J. Pido, John Lennox, Roger Siggs, Pete Kautz

Ken Pfrenger & Maestro Andrea Lupo Sinclair face off

Maestro Ramon Martinez is poised and ready to defend against his partner who is an Aikido expert

As Bob Charron cuts reversa to the hand, his partner evades in time with a punta reversa to the face

Maestro Paul MacDonald evades with a pasatta sotto against "Wild" Bill Wilson's half-lunge

The Bowie knife "class portrait"

Hanging out with Roger Siggs who acted as my assistant for all the drills in the Bowie class...Except the one where I was to be throwing the knife at him!

Bob Charron & Ken Pfrenger in Ken's Irish Stick Class

The Lansing International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention, now in its third year, was the second large annual event to grow directly out of the first WMAW event held in Chicago in 1999. For those of you who were there, you remember that crazy buzz...things were working...people were coming together and everything was possible for a moment...

Over lunch on Saturday, John Lennox from
Art of Combat had the crazy idea to get the university he worked for to host an event. He brainstormed with "all of us in earshot" about how to do it - this was the "twinkle in his eye"...and before the weekend was through he was convinced to make this happen. Sure enough, that very next year LISMAC was born! John, Jared, and the whole AOC crew have done an exemplary job of hosting these events and making sure everything was taken care of.

This years workshop was another huge success which brought together fencers, martial artists, stage combatants, and all those interested in things sharp and pointy! It would be impossible to tell you everything that went on; the classes given, the jokes played, the glasses raised, and the great sense of openness and camaraderie present. Let me just say that if you are anywhere remotely near Lansing and you don't attend next year than you are just plain silly!

No matter what you interest there were classes to be had - Marozzo, Silver, Fabris, Spanish and Italian Rapier, Longsword, Dueling Saber, Small Sword, Pugilism, Irish Stick, Fiore's Dagger plays, Bowie knife, armored combat, Filipino martial arts, Dusack, Singlestick, Wrestling...
You name it and it was there on the "Historical Combat Arts Buffet" offered over the weekend!!!

On Sunday, much to my surprise, the Maestros from the
International Master at Arms Federation asked me to join their ranks as an Acknowledged Instructor for my work in the historical American martial arts. I accepted their invitation and would again like to thank them for their faith and trust. Alliance and the AHFAA are proud to join forces with the IMAF, which I have long felt is the premiere international organization for historical fencing. These men and women have the goods, folks, and have the lineage, integrity, teaching ability and grace to back it up (at the point of a sword, as necessary!)

LISMAC 2003 is already being planned...Will YOU be there?

Hope so...It will be a blast!

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