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Scientific Fighting Congress
Knife Counter-Knife Course

August 11-12, Ottawa, Canada
Hosted by the Young Forest Kung Fu Club

I always love going to Ottawa because I get to see my Kung Fu family there. The Young Forest Kung Fu and Arnis Club in Ottawa is run by my brother Badger, who I first met over 10 years ago at a festival, where we spent 3 days mainly training and carousing. This chance meeting turned into a long time association, and what's more, many of the senior students at the Young Forest school have been there as long as I have known the club! That says a lot about any group! The Young Forest is a Kung Fu school with a lot of heart and family to it. Ottawa is also a magnificent city to explore with no lack of music, museums, festivals, food and excitement.

The seminar was a two day event, with a long day of training Saturday covering the requirements for the SFC knife course through Journeyman and Tradesman. The drills were all taught in a logic chain to teach multiple skills at the same time. Drawing your knife, for example, might be incorporated into a basic striking drill, or an unarmed x knife drill where you initially respond unarmed, then draw and move into a further knife x knife scenario. The drills were all worked with 2 and 3 man groups and at different heights (standing, kneeling, on the ground). The ground was rough cement, and the participants were hard-core in taking falls on the abrasive surface and ground fighting with much gusto. This is where they always train when the weather is good...no mats required for these guys!

Sunday started with a review of all the first day's material, then a long block on passing the attack with empty hands or with the knife and connections between this drill and the previous material. Advanced skill development drills were done combining multiple basic skills to develop flow and spontaneous attack. Then came the test which was was a rapid fire series of combat scenarios and sparring, lasting over an hour. This was a high energy event, and folks did well under the speed and pressure of the constant need to move, attack, and defend through the drills. Well done guys!

Over Wrap Control and Eye Hook Takedown
Strikes, Locks, Knife Reversals and Disarms

Anton Cvet of the
AEMMA "Gets Medieval" while Fighting Unarmed Against the Knife!

His traditional European grappling skills, gained from fighting in full plate armor, served him well. Many of the Kung Fu stylists commented that Anton's locking and throws, though similar mechanically to what they knew, felt very different in fighting - they had a different energy or "flavor" to them. Much fun was had exchanging the best of East and West!

Attack Sets, Quick Draw, Counters to Blocks
Defeating the Mad Rush or Torso Stab Attacks
Drills were done with One and Two Attackers
Standing, Kneeling, On the Ground
Knife Sparring - Again Standing, Kneeling, and On the Ground!

Godzilla Caught Stomping a Car Lot in Watertown, NY!

Visit the Young Forest Kung Fu and Arnis Club

I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for Saturdays training! I now have a new appreciation for the intensity level that is required in the empty hand vs knife scenario! I picked up a different level of focus for the stabs in the 12 angle set, along with the idea of the figure 8's and stabbing series that are 'hidden' in there. As usual, this was time well spent: good info and training, and no bullshit moves! I now also have a new set of home drills to practice from the knees and prone...this was very useful.

Robert P.

I'd just like to take a few minutes to thank you both for the weekend seminar! I found the training extremely interesting since it is an aspect of martial arts that I never considered taking up. I will never look at a knife the same way again. My arms are still bloodied and battered, but it was well worth it.

Charles N.

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