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Presas Arnis Largo Mano Single and Double Stick Fighting Seminar
August 21 in Ottawa, Canada
Hosted by Young Forest Kung Fu and Arnis

This was a special special private seminar held for advanced students at the Young Forest school, covering many of the largo mano (long range) single and double stick fighting drills from the Presas Arnis system. This was a very intense 4 hours of highly focused instruction that demanded a lot from the participants. The pace was quick and people ended up taking the occasional hard shot when they missed a block in the full-speed drills.

The day featured a series of interconnected drills designed to enhance mobility, blocking, and striking. They were done with single stick and then double sticks to show the connections and teach the more natural handling of the double sticks for fighting than is learned in the sinawali drills. Though the sinawali do teach good follow-ups, the drills practiced here were about using the double sticks to effectively block and immediately counter any incoming attack while staying at long range and not relying on a complex response. These combative single and double stick largo mano drills are the intermediate connection between partner exercises and free fighting.

Tod (Left) attacks with a high double stick strike.
Kevin zones away with a high outside block and simultanious counter strike!

Jacky attacks with a low double stick thrust.
Ami zones away with a low ouside block and simultanious counter strike!

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