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2nd Annual Western Martial Arts Workshop 2000
October 13-15 - Toronto, Canada
Hosted by Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
Anton (L) and Dave (R) Cvet in armor
    Dave Cvet is the head of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts in Toronto, and is also the man behind AEMMA's web site, which is a massive information resource for all Medieval Western Martial Arts practitioners.  There were over 130 people there with Masters from all over the world teaching.  It was a great time with friend old and new in a fantastic city.  Go to the AEMMA site to see the schedule, bios of everyone, class descriptions, and so on - too much good stuff to fit here!
Go HERE for clip from a Canadian TV News show - Very good, loads fast!

    On Saturday, Mike was asked to teach a special block of instruction on German Kampfringen (Combat Wrestling).  Here he is seen demonstrating the front head lock and some of its associated neck cranks, chokes and escapes.  The class was well over an hour of high energy, hands on training, with each drill building off the ones before.  The class was very excited to learn these drills and skills, and seemed to enjoyed the sheer physical challenge of the training as well.  Afterwards many participants told us that it was physically the toughest class of the weekend, but that they would all want to do it again in a moment, and I think that says it all.

Sadly, I have NO PICTURES of Sunday!  If you have any good ones, send 'em along!

    Later on Sunday I taught a class on Medieval German and Italian dagger fighting, unarmed defense aginst the blade, unarmed combat, and folk games and sports.  Developing the European style of kicking and striking were explored, including a section on kicking the downed opponent (which proved quite controversial - people who think about sticking you with a 3-foot piece of steel calling that "too dishonerable"...), hand strikes along the segno, power of the wave, and Russian mass "Wall Fighting" were covered.  With the daggers, time was spent exploring the options once the fight closes into a grabbing / grappling situation while either one or both of you are armed.  Stand-up drills were shown also on the ground to how the same principles apply.

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