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Lost Keating Tapes - FOUND After 14 Years!

Rare Early Comtech Training Videos Never Released To The Public & Thought
To Be Lost Forever Now Available After 14 Years As Digitally Re-Mastered DVDs!

It was a normal mail day here in the Swamp.  A couple of bills, a grocery store flyer, a letter from my mom…and a small package from James A. Keating.

(You can probably guess which one I opened first, right?)

Inside the package were two ancient, unlabeled videotapes in dusty boxes and a handwritten note.  It said:

“Pete, have a look at what I found while cleaning the school - JAK”

Well, as you can imagine, I dropped the rest of the mail on the table and popped the videos in right away.  What could be on them???

When I saw what it was I was floored!

You know those old cartoons where someone’s jaw hits the floor and the tongue rolls out like a red carpet?  That was me watching the first tape!

When Lily got home, we watched it again and then we popped in the second tape…and BOTH of us sat there looking like cartoon characters.


I’ve seen everything Jim has ever made, and these were some friggin’ amazing tapes!

They were 14 years old and yet at the same time…



And let me tell you, watching these “lost tapes” was a real testament to why he is considered one of the premier blade masters on the planet!

Here Jim was in 1992 showing more high level skills that most “knife masters” have today…and you realize “Oh my God, since he filmed this he’s had 14 years to GET EVEN BETTER!”

It is pretty humbling, to say the least.

So, what all is on these “lost tapes”?  (Now available as “Found DVDs”)

Good question!

DVD 1: The Comtech Crossada: Special Edition

The first video was an early “test shoot” for the Comtech Crossada video, which many of you may be familiar with.  The Crossada video has been sold for years as part of the American Blade Craft series, and as a solo tape from Paladin Press.

But BEFORE Jim shot the one you may be familiar with, he shot a test video with EVEN MORE DRILLS & TECNIQUES ON IT!

In fact, this was far more than a simple test shoot.  It was a full on, in the studio, two camera, professionally produced tape, made just months before the one people have seen!  I couldn't figure out why he didn't just release this one.

When I asked him, Jim’s answer was typically simple and direct.  He said he didn’t like the shirt he was wearing in it.

Yep, the shirt!

(Did ya’ ever see the Jerry Seinfeld episode about the “puffy shirt”?  Like that, but in black.  Let's just say that Museum Replicas does some nice things but this shirt is not one of them.)

BUT, once you get past the “wardrobe malfunction” there is a LOT of material presented here that was not in the Crossada tape you may have seen, including EXTRA DRILLS, DEFENSE AGAINST TWO ATTACKERS, DISARMING MACHETES & MORE!

DVD 2: The 1992 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp

The second “lost video” that Jim sent was raw camera footage from the 1992 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp in Hell’s Canyon.  At the time, the Riddle Of Steel was a very “underground” training camp and this tape shows a very HARD CORE approach!

What do I mean by “hard core”?  Well, let’s just say that if EXTREME KNIFECRAFT, DESTRUCTIVE GRAPPLING & ADULT LANGUAGE offends you then please steer clear of this one, mate!

But IF you want to get the “inside scoop” on the COMTECH KNIFE SETS 1-12 & EMPTY HAND TRANSLATIONS OF THE BLADE, RARELY SEEN COMTECH GRAPPLING & PUSH DAGGER DRILLS then this is a DVD you will absolutely want to check out!

If you have seen Knifecraft Volume 3, you will be familiar with the 12 developmental “Com-Sets” that Jim Keating devised as teaching vehicles to impart the best of the Asian blade systems.  At the 1992 Riddle Of Steel, Jim teaches these as well as the empty hand translations of all these sets and extensive grappling that flows out of the basic actions!

Now These “Lost Comtech Videos” Can By Yours On DVD!

After seeing the digitally re-mastered, edited DVDs that I created from these original tapes using professional equipment, Jim Keating is allowing these…after 14 long years…to be released to the public.  They will be openly released in a week or so, but as a special offer to everyone on the Modern Knives and Alliance Martial Arts mailing list (hey, that’s you) you can GET THEM FIRST, AND FOR ONLY $30 EACH!

Jim Keating wanted to keep these Comtech collector's items affordable!

SO, if you want a unique piece of martial history, if you want to see what high level training is like, if you want to get a glimpse into the early "wild and wooly" days of Comtech, then you want to check out these DVDs!  Vintage 1991-1992 Era Comtech now "On Tap" for you!

Lost DVD #1 "The Comtech Crossada: Special Edition"
Only $30 + s/h
Lost DVD #2: "The 1992 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp"
Only $30 + s/h
Or Get The Set:
Lost DVD #1 "The Comtech Crossada: Special Edition"
Lost DVD #2: "The 1992 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp"

Only $60 + s/h



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