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Training With The C.A.T. Dummy
By Pete Kautz, 2009

In this DVD segment I cover all you'll need to know to build and practice with my unique Circular Attack Training Dummy or "The C.A.T." as it is known.  This is a special device that can easily be built at home with no power tools for well under $30 in a single afternoon using parts from your local hardware store.

It is specifically designed to allow you to practice:

* Intercepting with kicks and punches
* Low line kicking
* The straight blast
* Headbutts, knees and elbows
* Clinching
* Stick, knife, pistol integrated with unarmed skills
* Constant forward pressure

The C.A.T. does all this and more in a way you've never trained solo before.  If you don't have a live human being to practice with, you will find that the C.A.T. is your next best bet to get the same "live" feel.  That's the reason I designed the C.A.T. - because I wanted to practice all of those elements and no other piece of training equipment fit the bill.  Think about it!

Heavy bag - power, limited mobility
Speed bag - accuracy, timing, limited mobility
Mook Jong - trapping, limited mobility

As you can see, the big thing is that all the equipment out there (no matter how good for certain attributes) doesn't allow you to develop the sense of Constant Forward Pressure (CFP) so necessary for effective fighting and use of trapping.  You can step in and out in a limited area, but there's no chasing or running down like with a live opponent.

So, while the C.A.T. doesn't replace those other devices, it supplements them by allowing you to develop accuracy and power with your tools along with interception and constant forward pressure.  It makes you MOVE!  There is no standing still while working with the C.A.T. - you're always in motion.

Plus, unlike some training equipment, when you're done for the day the C.A.T. is easily stored away flat against a wall.  So it won't take up a lot of valuable floor space in your training area or hog your whole garage and make you park the car in the driveway.

If you practice Comtech Trapping, Jeet Kune Do, Paul Vunak's R.A.T., Wing Chun, Combatives, etc. then you are going to love training with the C.A.T.!  Mix it in with your other training equipment and get ready for some rocking workouts.  Set your round timer and make a circuit where you go from speedbag to heavybag to C.A.T. to dequerdes to mook jong, etc.

Here are some comments that were sent to me by a fellow In Pennsylvania who successfully built his own C.A.T. after seeing the DVD:

Hi Pete, I just wanted to thank you for the C.A.T. dvd and plans. I successfully made a C.A.T. and am quite impressed. watching the dvd did not do justice to the device.  I was and am quite impressed with the actual workout you can get from this ingenious device.  It looked simple on the dvd, but, I must be honest, I am getting a hell of a workout on the CAT.  It took about a week to get my strikes on target and my timing in line with the movement of the CAT.  It is probably second to actual sparring in regards to reinforcing the principle of "setting" your strikes on a mobile target.  It definitely is not as easy as people probably think it is after watching the dvd.  So to sum it up if you don't have a sparring partner, this very well may be the next best thing (short of it striking back).

The mobility aspect of the C.A.T. alone is a new twist to my training.  Being a new method does require a forgotten sense of focus and intensity. I guess this is why it is always good to try new things. We get so used to the traditional modes of training i.e. heavy bag, speed bag, dummies, kata, sparring... things we have been doing for so long and now do not require that intense focus.

So thanks again for SHARING a great idea.

Construction was easy.  I would be more specific as to what size tire you used.  The tire I used was a 16" and yours was probably a 15".  You also might tell people they will need a cement tub and mixing stick, a shovel and something small round and flat to spread out the cement after it is poured into the tire.  Difficulty was a 4 on a scale of 1 - 10.  The hardest part was actually wrapping the pvc.  Should have help with that.

So, if you're going to build a C.A.T., in addition to the parts list I included with the DVD, please note these additions.  The tire I show on the DVD is indeed a 15" one.  You can place some big rocks or bricks in the rim of the tire to fill up space before adding the concrete on a bigger tire.

All the very best,

Pete Kautz

Modern Knives #11: Savate, Sungkiti & The C.A.T. - $49
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The Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy - $30
Complete plans to build the C.A.T. at home for solo training in interceptions, straight blast, head butts, knees, elbows, stick, knife, pistol, more!  Written parts list with easy construction details included.  This is the entire C.A.T. segment from MK#11 as a stand alone 24 minute DVD.


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