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Pete's 50th DVD Specials - All Alliance DVDs Just $20 This Week!
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NEW!  Intro To AmEurAsian Fencing Seminar DVD

Join in as Pete Kautz takes the class at Comtech Headquarters in Oregon through a rapid-fire introduction to the basics of AmEurAsian Fencing, edited to 50 minutes of pure instruction.  Featuring Master at Arms James A. Keating, this presentation covers elements of footwork, evasion, striking, hand switching, attacks to the 5 basic zones with their defenses, and how to flow at long range in constant counter and re-counter!  If you want to gain quick skill with using the single weapon this is it.

American Bowie Combatives Seminar (4 DVDs)
Mobility, Attack, Defense & Fighting Drills

These four discs capture the essential drills for learning to use the Bowie knife correctly. Not a rehash of the Comtech program but solo and partner drills designed to take that material and allow you to use it in real time. Plus BONUS 5th DVD on WWII Combatives, Bayonet, Stick & Knife Fighting from the USMC Film Archives!

Modern Knives #1: The Spanish Fighting Arts
Cinco Teros Sword & Dagger Method (Pete Kautz)
Spanish Notch & Trapping Guards (James A. Keating)
Spanish Navaja Knives (James Loriega)

Modern Knives #2:
South East Asian Fighting Arts
Kerambit Hook Knife (James A. Keating)
Thrusting Triangle Drills (Pete Kautz)
Filipino Knife (Kelly Worden)

Modern Knives #3: Modern Knife Concepts
The Keating / Spyderco Chinook Folding Knife (James A. Keating)
Comtech Drawpoint Level I : Extensions & Variations (Pete Kautz)
Defeating the Surprise Knife Attack (Dale Seago)

Modern Knives #4: The Western Martial Arts
ingle-Action Revolver Twirling (James A. Keating)
Dagger of Medieval German Master Andre Lignitzer (Pete Kautz)
Basic Dagger from Master Fiore DeLiberi, 1410 (Bob Charron)

Modern Knives #5: The American Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife & Revolver Method (James A. Keating)
The Bowie Knife & Saber Connection (Pete Kautz)
Defending The Snap Cut To The Hand (Dwight McLemore)
Forging The Fighting Bowie (Bill Bagwell)
Wearing The Bowie Knife Concealed (Mike Sastre)

Modern Knives #6: Filipino Stick Fighting
Filipino Police Stick Tactics - Releasing & Locking (James A. Keating)
Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat (Pete Kautz)
The Visadario (Counter the Counter) of Modern Arnis (Dr. Remy Presas)
The Sibat Filipino Long Staff ("Big" Ken Smith)

Modern Knives #7: The Grappling Arts
Knife Grappling From The 1992 Riddle Of Steel (James A. Keating)
3-Stage Lock Flow Sequences Out Of Hubud (Pete Kautz)
Western Catch Wrestling Conditioning & Submissions (Dr. Les Moore)
Fighting From The Ground VS. A Standing Opponent (Mark Hatamaker)

Modern Knives #8: Combative Drills & Skills
Snake Rope Solo Training & Applications (James A. Keating)
The Figure-8 Stick Fighting Method (Pete Kautz)
Combat Escrima Knife & Stick Drills (Ed Lawson)

Modern Knives #9: World Arts
Fighting Bandanna Quick Start Guide (Pete Kautz)
Comtech Spear (James A. Keating)
Sikaran Kicks, Sticks & Blades (Rob Simons)

Modern Knives #10: Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat
Pistol & Walking Cane (James A. Keating)
Cinco Teros Knife Method (Pete Kautz)
Handgun Marksmanship (Laci Szabo)

Modern Knives #11: Savate, Sungkiti & The C.A.T.
Sungkiti Concepts - The Reverse Thrusting Line (James A. Keating)
Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy Construction & Drills (Pete Kautz)
Savate Defense Dans La Rue Old School Savate Street Fighting (Craig Gemeiner)


When's Your Martial Birthday
Copyright Pete Kautz 2018

We all have a birthday, a day we were physically born. But as martial artists we also have a martial art's birthday as well, marking the day you joined the world of training and committed to it as a lifestyle.

For some of you, it might have been your first class, and for others, it took a while to find the right circumstances. But if you're reading this then I know you understand what that means. You aren't just someone who "took a Karate class" one time; it's much deeper then that.

As Master Tarim Kim (who's blog you should check out) might say, "What was the day you stepped into Jiang Hu World and the other so-called reality faded away?"

Today is my 50th "real" birthday and marks my 38th consecutive year of officially training in the martial arts.

I was 11 going on 12 when I was able to convince my parents to let me study Kempo.

Before that for nearly two years I'd been trying to learn from library books, beating up a duffel bag of clothes hung in the basement and sparring my buddies with knives made of cardboard and electrical tape.

So my folks made me call the two closest schools to find out the details on classes.

At the first school I called a tough sounding guy with a Buffalo, NY accent said, "If you get into a fight at the bar, this style will teach you defend yourself!"

Nervously I told him, "I'm sorry sir, I'm still too young to go to bars" and hung up!

The next school was quite different. Here a soft spoken older Japanese man answered the phone.

I got the details on class times and prices from him, but them my mom wanted me to call him back and ask how long the course was. Like was it 8 weeks, 12 weeks, you know?

So I called back and asked, "Excuse me sir, but how long is the course?"

Kimura Sensei's answer sticks with me to this day, "The course? The Course is the rest of your life!"

Little could he have known that his words would be so prophetic!

(To give some perspective on his reply, he was a 2nd degree in Zen Nippon and had lived at the Shorinji Kempo Temple in Japan when he was younger, so that reply was in fact the perfect answer to my question. For those unfamiliar, Shorinji Kempo is Japanese for "Shaolin Fist Way", a post-WWII style known as both a Buddhist religious sect and a fighting art.)

Over the years I've been blessed to meet so many wonderful people through the martial arts as teachers, colleagues, and students. Some of you I've trained with in person either here at the school or at seminars. Others, maybe we've just exchanged e-mails or you've seen one of the videos and gotten training ideas from it.

In any case, if you're reading this than thanks for being part of what we do here Alliance and I look forward to another 50 years of training and sharing the arts with you!

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz


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