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52 Blocks 4 DVD Set
These 4 DVDs are your fast track to learning one of the most exciting arts in recent years - the 52 Blocks! Improve your DEFENSE with these drills and skills. DVDs cover 52 BLOCKS BASICS - FOOTWORK - ADVANCED FOOTWORK & THE SECRET OF SPITTING RAZOR BLADES

Just 52 This Week Only!

52 Blocks At-Home Heavy Bag / Mook Jong Hybrid

This week you're in for a video treat as Coach Lyte Burly shows how to easily add arms to your heavy bag so it becomes a hybrid of heavy bag and mook yan jong (wooden man dummy).

He'd shown this set up on some of his videos and so I asked him to do an instructional and he over delivered on the content!

The best part? If you train 52 you will have everything you need on hand already! If not it'll just be a few bucks to get started or maybe you can improvise around what you do have.

You will need:

A heavy bag
A "Fast Feet" trainer
A short bungee cord
A pair of coaching sticks

As you see on the video set up is easy as 1-2-3!

52 Blocks Live Breakdown (Instruction Starts About 3:00)

1) Run the bungee cord through the ankle loops of the fast feet and hook the bungee around the heavy bag at shoulder height (4:00 on the video)

2) Spread out the fast feet so the loops are on either side of the heavy bag (4:38)

3) Put the coaching sticks through the two ankle loops and then hook the end of the sticks underneath the bungee cord to reinforce them so they don't droop down (5:36)

That's it! Now get to training with your new friend. What you'll find immediately is that:

1) You can no longer stand there and throw punches - you have to move both your head and your feet constantly or you will get hit

2) You can't just throw any old punches you want - you have to throw the correct punches for where you are in relation to the heavy bag

3) You need to keep your chin down, your hands up, and your body angled - you need to get out of the hot zone (between the arms) and into the cool zone (either side / back) while watching the bag's movement to predict what it's doing so you can be ahead

Not too much more to say on this one other than go try it for yourself. It really makes the heavy bag a lot more fun because it becomes more interactive. Every punch will make the bag do something new which in turn will force you to react differently so this is a workout for your EYES and your MIND as well as you hands!

Enjoy and all my best to you,

Pete Kautz

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