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Drawpoint I: Reverse Grip Knife
High-speed reverse grip knife skills are yours with
the Drawpoint series, starting with point-oriented methods.

Drawpoint II: Cover & Slash
Integration of edge and point in forward and reverse grips
plus translation to firearm, flashlight, and unarmed skills.

Drawpoint III: Pallasoot
Advanced hooking and passing techniques round out
the Drawpoint method for fast close-quarters self defense.

Drawpoint Master Class
Overview of the Comtech Reverse Grip Knife Method
This DVD covers the main drills and concepts of the Drawpoint method.  Great as a rapid review for experienced students or as a general introduction for novices. Learn Rolling & Picking, Cover & Slash, Hook & Pass, Combat Sets and more!

Complete Drawpoint Set: All 4 DVDs

Drawpoint: Essentials Of Reverse Grip

In the world of the blade there are two primary grips, forward and reverse. From there we also find two blade orientations, edge in and edge out. Together these are what we call the "4 edges of the blade".

When it comes to reverse grip with either edge in out, the Drawpoint method has been proven effective since it was first introduced in the early 90's by MAA James A. Keating. It is a fast-track to true skill with edged weapons for self defense.

(In fact it is so effective that many later-day knife instructors simply copied his program as their own, perhaps offering a tweak or two to make it "theirs" or by simply by showing the applications without the fundamental drills that actually give you the skill base. I'm not going to name any names here, but if you've been around for a while then doubtlessly you'll know the guys I mean.)

Far from being something he made up in the backyard, Drawpoint is instead a highly streamlined course of instruction in the best of Filipino bladecraft combined with the fast-draw concept taken from handgun training.

The DRAW in Drawpoint refers to the action of producing the knife either from concealment (for civilians) or from an open rig (for military / law enforcement). For this to be done effectively the right kind of knife and sheath must be used. There are many great knives in the world but especially in the early 90's very few came with a great sheath system to carry them.

This is why the Drawpoint method was initially focused on using the Gryphon M-10; a relatively small sized fixed blade with a secure kydex sheath. The sheath firmly held the knife in place while allowing for an immediate drawstroke without needing to unsnap or otherwise free the knife handle as was (and is) common with leather belt sheathes. Today we are fortunate to have many other options that also have quality kydex sheathes up to the task!

The act of drawing the knife while under stress is a game changer for most martial artists who have always started their exercises and sparring with their weapon firmly in hand. At seminars I've witnessed countless people who were competent in using a knife have major complications when this simple twist was added to the drills.

But it is an essential part of self defense because no one walks down the street with their knife already out! If you are attacked and need to escalate the force to such a degree you will need to produce the blade in the thick of the action. There is no time to stop and say "Hold on Mr. Bad Guy, let me get my knife."

The POINT in Drawpoint refers to prioritizing the use of the knife's tip over the edge, thrusting rather than slashing. The slash is a back-up method in Drawpoint. This allows the same skill base to be applied with many other objects such as a pen or short stick should you find yourself otherwise unarmed.

Particularly in North America where we wear heavy clothing so much of the year purely slashing-based arts can be ineffective. Even a sharp blade can be turned aside by layers of denim, canvas, etc. while the thrust will still strike true.

Having seen literally scores of DVDs covering the range of Filipino knife arts, I can say without hesitation that learning Drawpoint will save you many wasted years of frustration in gaining real world skills. It is a program that you can learn at home in a couple of months and get very good with in under a year. If personal protection is your goal, then Drawpoint is the vehicle that will take you there without the frills, flash, and endless fiddly-foo often found in more traditional systems.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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