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American Bowie Combatives
Mobility, Attack, Defense & Fighting Drills

These four discs capture the essential drills for learning to use the Bowie knife correctly. Not a rehash of the Comtech program but solo and partner drills designed to take that material and allow you to use it in real time. Plus BONUS 5th DVD on WWII Combatives, Bayonet, Stick & Knife Fighting from the USMC Film Archives!

Comtech American Blade Craft
The Crossada / Bowie Basics / Deadly Backcut

Learn point based fencing skills using the Keating-designed Crossada fighting knife, solo training progressions for attack and defense, logic chains of motion and the 19th century "blow of assassins" master stroke, the backcut!


Bowie Knife Battles In Old San Francisco
Copyright Pete Kautz 2010/18


Howdy all!  With the 4th of July just around the corner I wanted to share this lost piece of American history.  It comes from Herbert Asbury's book "The Barbary Coast: An Informal History of the San Francisco Underworld" on page 186.


"For half a century after the beginning of the gold rush one of the most dangerous areas in San Francisco was the waterfront, along the Eastern and Northeastern fringes of the Barbary Coast.  Murders, footpads, burglars, hoodlums and rangers prowled the streets in such numbers and carried on their depredations with such boldness that the police walked their beats in pairs and went in even greater force whenever they found it necessary to enter any of the dives with which the district abounded."


"Every policeman assigned to waterfront duty was especially chosen for strength, bravery, and huskiness.  He was equipped with the regulation night-stick and pistol and also carried, in a large outside breast-pocket within easy reach of his hand, a huge knife a foot or more in length.  This fearsome weapon was infinitely more effective at close quarters than a club or the cumbersome, unreliable firearm of the early days.  Nor did the police hesitate to use it."


"Several battles occurred in which beleaguered policemen chopped off the hands of their assailants or inflicted other wounds equally frightful, and at least one in which an attacking hoodlum was decapitated.  This later feat was performed by Sergeant Thomas Langford, for many years one of the best known men of the harbor precinct."


"Attacked in a second-hand-clothing store in Pacific Street by several men whom he found ransacking the place, Sergeant Langford drew his knife and rushed them in the face of heavy pistol fire.  He struck wildly in the darkness, and his first blow nearly sheared the head of one of the thieves from his shoulders.  The remainder of the gang, several of them badly wounded by the Sergeant's slashing knife, fled in terror, and thereafter Sergeant Langford was held in greater fear by the denizens of the Barbary Coast than any other policeman in San Francisco."


WOW, that's not the kind of boring history lesson they gave back in school, eh!


If you like these kinds of tales of days long gone, then be sure to look for Asbury's other books about crime and deviant behavior such as Gem of the Prairie: An Informal History of the Chicago Underworld, The French Quarter: An Informal History of the New Orleans Underworld, The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld, and All Around the Town: Murder, Scandal, Riot and Mayhem in Old New York.


(Note that the movie "Gangs of New York" had *so little to do with the book* that it got nominated for "Best Original Screenplay" rather than as a screenplay adapted from another work!)


To all my friends across the USA, have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July next week!

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

Alliance 2018 Seminar Schedule

Armed Reactive Mittwork July 21-22
What do you get when you mix the weapon skills of Comtech's James A. Keating with the kind of reactive focus mitt work that Roger Mayweather is famous for? Armed Reactive Mittwork! Learn to move, defend, counter strike, draw, shoot, use the blade and more in a constant flow of motion that builds skill and endurance. If you use focus mitts this is next level training in flowing art to art, from unarmed to knife to pistol or any other defensive tool (flashlight, chemical spray, etc.)


Evolution of the Blade August 18-19
This seminar will highlight many aspects of blade culture around the world and throughout time. We will explore methods from from the Medieval times to modern day from North & South America, Europe, and Asia; making the connections and learning how each art enhances the others. We'll spend time working with small knives, big knives, machetes, swords and more.


Comtech Drawpoint Method September 15-16
The Comtech Drawpoint method is a condensed education in some of the best Filipino bladecraft for self defense. This seminar will cover all 3 modules of Drawpoint (Picking, Cover & Slash, Hook & Pass) in both partner and combat drills as well as disarming and counter-counter work. If you've seen the videos and want to get hands on with the training this is a perfect opportunity to learn everything correctly and gain true skill.


Private Training
Private training is available for 250 a day either before or after any seminar, or at your convenience. Tell me what you're interested in and I'll put together a custom program to suit your needs. Bring a training partner along for just 100 more and share the experience.

Seminar Details

All group seminars are 2 days long and cost $250. Each is limited to 8 participants so you will receive maximum personal attention throughout the event.

The training will be held at my school in Alpine, NY. The closest Airports are Ithaca (ITH) and Elmira Corning (ELM).

We recommend the Super 8 Motel in Ithaca (607) 273-8088 or the Knights Inn in Horseheads (855) 516-1090 if you are flying into Elmira or looking for a cheaper option. Both are about a 30 minute drive from the school.

There are a number of closer small motels (15 minutes drive) in the Watkins Glen area, but these can be quite expensive due to tourism in the region.

If you have any questions please write me at petekautz@lightlink.com

I look forward to meeting you this year!

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