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Comtech Elbow Shields DVD Specials

HELLBOWS: Destructive Elbow Techniques
Integrate elbow shields with trapping and grappling to devastate your opponent at close range with one of the body's best weapons (30 This Week Only)


Hellbows DVD PLUS
Modern Knives #2: South East Asian Fighting Arts

Kerambit Knife / 5 Elbow Shields (James A. Keating)
Thrusting Triangle Drills (Pete Kautz)
Filipino Knife (Kelly Worden)
(50 This Week Only)


Moving Beyond the Form

This week I am going to talk about moving beyond the initial "form" that you've learned literally from the Hellbows Destructive Elbow Techniques DVD and progressing logically with the material in order to maximize it.

Why the Hellbows DVD specifically? Because it's a good example where you have a core exercise in the form of the 5 Elbow Shields that needs to be explored far beyond the shell that is given. The more this is done, the more you will gain from it

But it would be easy to miss or simply learn the shell of and think "Got it!"

So what to do?  First you need to take the 5 Elbow Shields and go learn the sequence verbatim.  Do it correctly and in the original version. This is the "root" that you must understand first.

OK, when you can do that on the one side (your dominant hand) now go and learn the same form on the other side.

Got that one down?  OK, good!  Let's move on, shall we!

Next you want to do each one in repetition. For example, do 10 repetitions of Elbow Shield 2 on just the right side.

Then do 10 repetition where you do Elbow shield 2 first on the right side then on the left side and vice versa.

Then start to chain together the different Elbow Shields in motion forward and back.  This will necessitate using alternate side arms. Try to flow from #1 to #2 all the way to #5 doing one technique per step.

For example, try moving across the floor forward and back in 5 steps following this sequence:

a) Do Elbow Shield #1 on the right side
b) Do Elbow Shield #2 on the left side
c) Do Elbow Shield #3 on the right side
d) Do Elbow Shield #4 on the left side
e) Do Elbow Shield #5 on the right side

Then reverse it and start on left side with Elbow Shield #1!  You get the idea, right?

Now start walking in a circle and doing the elbow shields.  How does this change them over the linear versions?  How about walking backward in a circle?

Then just mix it up - flow and go as you will - but you will have the solid technical basis to draw on!

Now, there's STILL lots of work to be done.  This is just the basics of getting these actions burned into your memory in a way that you can access the Elbow Shields on both sides in flow.

You still need the training to make these drills relate to your larger skill set!  And you need to relate these all in motion to another person other wise it's just abstract, right?

So, this is done by incorporating the Elbow Shields into other training such as Flow Drills and Striking Drills on equipment.

Focus mitts allow for development of power and accuracy in offense and defense. A good coach with the focus mitts allows their partner ample opportunities for both and tries to bring out their best.

(The mitts also protect the coach when they are swinging punches that get picked up with Elbow Shields!)

In empty hand flow drills such as Sumbrada, Tapping or De Cadena the Elbow Shield simply replaces the usual defensive response. By learning to insert the Elbow Shields at random you find the relative positioning and timing that makes them work.

Finally, these are put together in freestyle fighting drills and self defense scenarios. It is important that proper gear is worn as these target the arms and head. Think elbow and forearm guards, mouthpiece, head gear, etc. depending on what you're doing.

Oh, and yeah, the Elbow Shields all work with weapons too - so go practice everything mentioned above from both forward and reverse grips, in both hands!

I hope from this brief progression you see that there's lots to learn beyond the DVD if you will just seek it out! I hope too you will see the value of "form" as a vehicle to impart a larger curriculum in an encoded way.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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