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Gladiator Exercises Of The Ancient World
Copyright Pete Kautz 2010/17

Howdy all!  Do you know that old saying "The more things change the more they stay the same"?  Well, today's Training Tip is about ancient physical conditioning but as you'll see, it meshes with the latest breakthroughs and training methods.

These exercises come from a book called "De Sanitate Tuenda" ("Hygiene" in English) written by Galen (130 - 200 A.D.).  He spent his early years as a physician caring for the gladiators in Pergamon where he gained hands-on practical experience with anatomy and the treatment of wounds.  He later moved to Rome where his fame grew with his patients including even the emperors themselves!

In his work Galen divides exercises into three categories; "strong", "rapid", and "violent" which is a combination of the first two.  Galen's list of exercises gives us a fascinating glimpse into the varied training activities of athletes in the time period.

1) Digging
2) Picking up something heavy
3) Picking up something heavy and walking with it
4) Walking uphill
5) Climbing a rope using the hands and feet: commonly done to train boys in the wrestling schools
6) Hanging onto a rope or beam for as long as possible
7) Holding the arms straight out in front with fists closed
8) Holding the arms straight out to the sides with fists closed
9) Holding out the arms while a partner pulls them down
10) The preceding three exercises but while holding something heavy such as jumping-weights
11) Breaking loose from a wrestling waist-lock
12) Holding onto a person trying to escape from a waist-lock
13) Picking up a man who is bending over at the hips and lifting him up and swinging him around
14) Doing the same but bending oneself at the hips also when picking him up
15) Pushing chest to chest trying to force the opponent backwards
16) Hanging from another's neck, attempting to drag him down
Exercises requiring a wrestling pit:
a) Entwine your partner with both your legs around one of his and try to apply a choke or force his head backwards
b) The same but using only one leg to entwine the opponents leg closest to yours
c) The same but using both legs to entwine both of the opponents legs.

1) Running
2) Shadow-boxing
3) Boxing
4) Hitting punching bags
5) Throwing and catching a small ball while running
6) Running back and forth, reducing the length each time until finished
7) Stand on the balls of the feet, put the arms up in the air and rapidly and alternately bringing them forward and back; stand near a wall if afraid of losing one's balance
8) Rolling on the wrestling-ground rapidly by oneself or with others
9) Rapidly changing places with people next to one in a tightly packed group
10) Jumping up and kicking both legs together backwards
11) Kicking the legs forward alternately
12) Move the arms up and down rapidly with open or closed fist, increasing in speed

1) Digging rapidly
2) Casting the discus
3) Jumping repeatedly with no rest
4) Throwing heavy spears and moving fast while wearing heavy armor
4) Any of the 'strong' exercises executed rapidly: presumably running uphill, swinging jumping weights forward and back, and lifting them up and down, chin-ups and so on.

Other exercises
1) Walking
2) bending up and down repeatedly at the hips
3) Lifting a weight up from the ground
4) Holding up and object for a long time
4) Full and loud breathing
5) Placing two weights on the ground approximately six feet from each other, picking up the one on the left with the right hand and then the one on the right with the left hand, then in turn placing them back where they came from on the ground and doing this many times with the feet stationary

Note how many of these exercises mesh with today's CrossFit kind of workouts and the whole move towards "practical" strength training over the old body-building standard we grew up with!

Sharp-eyed readers probably noticed one of the last on the list "Full and loud breathing" as being another universal strength developing exercise.  As the great American wrestler Farmer Burns said "Deep breathing alone has made many a week man strong, and made many a sick man well!"

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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