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52 Blocks Basic Training Vol.1
Coaches Lyte Burly and Pete Kautz cover essential drills for 52 such as the rolling punch, shoeshine drills, blocks and counter punches, head movement, sensitivity drills and the science behind why the blocks work to trick the eye!

52 Blocks Footwork
Coach Lyte Burly covers footwork drills that will turbo-charge your feet and put wheels under all the blocks and strikes that you've learned so far. You've seen Lyte's footwork in countless YouTube sparring and training clips, now gain these skills for yourself!


52 Blocks Advanced Footwork
Coach Lyte Burly covers advanced two-man footwork drills with special guest Dink the Professor from the UK. Bonus footage of Blocks 11-20 done with the focus mitts is covered as well!


The 1992 Riddle Of Steel Training Camp
Comtech grappling, knife combat sets 1-12, unarmed translations of the knife, pushdagger and more from this early Riddle of Steel Camp.

Bits & Pieces Volume 1: Daggers & Disarms
Live Dagger seminar, knife disarming progressions and more
filmed down on the ranch Comtech style.

Bits & Pieces Volume 2:
Lock Flow, Stick Disarming & Throwing
Live joint-lock control seminar for LEOs plus stick training.

The Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy
Complete plans to build the C.A.T. at home for solo training in interceptions, straight blast, head butts, knees, elbows, stick, knife, pistol, more!  Written parts list with easy construction details included.  This is the entire segment from MK#11 as a stand alone 24 minute DVD.

Combative Whip
How to use a whip effectively for combat, target drills, two-man drills, wrapping the arms & legs, and more.

The Comtech Crossada: Special Edition
The unreleased Pirate Shirt edition of American Blade Craft 1 teaching the use of Keating's unique Crossada fighting knife.

Fighting Axe & Tomahawk
Hybrid East / West fighting skills with the axe and tomahawk plus a section on hawk throwing make this one a classic

Tomahawk II
An all-business, revised and advanced tomahawk DVD including 'hawk and Bowie knife, training against long weapons, and more!
Gekahai: The Lost Form Of Goju Ryu
This lesser-known kata is a stepping-stone between the older & newer forms of Goju Ryu with distinctive foot patterns, deep breathing, circular lines & hand actions of the old Okinawan fighting Karate

Integrated Balisong: Practical Butterfly Knife Tactics
This is NOT a 100-ways-of-knife-flipping tape!  Instead, Pete Kautz shows how to develop combative skill in opening and closing the balisong at speed while doing complex freestyle drills with a partner.  By adding layers of pressure and resistance to your training the most simple things become complex!

Low Line Traps, Body Levers & Blade Manipulations
An "out of the ordinary" mix of leg trapping skills incorporated
with grappling and exotic Indonesian blade manipulations

Panantukan Knife Boxing
Learn to use the boxer's speed-bag like never before with
Filipino martial arts tactics, knives, elbows & trapping skills.

Push Daggers
A good basic tape for CQC with the pushdagger, utilizing aspects of trapping and boxing combined with blade skills.

Spyderco Civilian
Learn the unique abilities of this or any other hookbill style folder,
plus a section on lifesaving options as well.

Structured Lock Flow
Less than lethal control options using nerve impulse reversal and sensitivity skills to move from lock to lock

Tuite: The Art Within
Shadow blocks, joint locking, grappling, and other aspects hidden in the traditional forms - learn to apply what you already know from kata

Comtech Women's Self Defense
This vintage Comtech video presents a blade oriented approach to self defense for women.  Out of the ordinary skills even today and virtually unthinkable in the early 90's when most women's programs were about teaching escapes from wrist grabs or poking someone with your car keys and running away.

X-Cane Vol.1
Basic striking and locking drills
you'll need to use the cane effectively

X-Cane Vol.2
Advanced drills, escapes, and
a special section on how to teach others

Martial Goal Setting 2019
Copyright Pete Kautz 2018

With 2019 just around the corner, I wanted to write a special Training Tips to talk about your training goals for next year.

Often when it comes to making changes people want to do some crazy all-or-nothing major shift. They go from eating a regular diet to strictly paleo, for example, or they go from watching TV after work to a 5 day a week exercise routine.

The problem is, when we make such radical changes they are being propelled by force of will alone and sooner or later like a rubber band that has been stretched too far we snap back to our original behaviors.

How often have you known someone who did just that? They did some strict diet for two weeks and then went back to eating junk, now with a vengeance after having been deprived of it. Any weight they lost they put right back on and then some.

That's why it's good to focus on small, individual elements that you can change which will support your new direction. Rather than change your whole diet, why not start with a simple and doable thing like keeping a food journal and writing down what you eat. Then when that's a habit, make another small change, maybe eliminating snacks after dinner. This way it's not so overwhelming.

To keep it simple, ask yourself the three following questions and write down your answers. It's important to *write them down* and not just think about them because it will help you solidify each one past a vague idea into a concrete plan.

* What one attribute would help me improve the most in the martial arts?

* What one skill would help me improve the most in the martial arts?

* What one knowledge would help me to improve most in the martial arts?

For example, in December of 2013 I decided that getting deeper into strength training was something that would help me improve in the arts. So I focused on learning ONE movement, the pullup, and got to work.

Once I was training a couple days a week on this, I added pushups. A few weeks later I added squats, then dips, then core work.

It took 3 months of doing negative pullups to be able to do real ones, and by this time I was doing a nice little routine of calisthenics. BUT had I started off trying to do all that it could have easily been overwhelming and maybe I'd have given up.

So take some time this week and ponder these three questions - where they lead you can only be positive for 2019 and beyond!

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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