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Bowie Knife DVD Special This Week Only
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American Bowie Combatives (4 DVDs)
Mobility, Attack, Defense & Fighting Drills
These four discs capture the essential drills for learning to use the Bowie knife correctly. Not a rehash of the Comtech program but solo and partner drills designed to take that material and allow you to use it in real time.
Plus BONUS 5th DVD on WWII Combatives, Bayonet,
Stick & Knife Fighting from the USMC Film Archives!

Get All 5 DVDs For Just 88 Bucks This Week Only!


Are You A Martial Arts Hillbilly? 13 Ways To Tell!
Copyright Pete Kautz 2009/18

You may remember the classic line in Return of the Dragon where Bruce Lee said, "I'm from the country and every day I practice...martial...arts!"

So, in honor of fellow country-living folks everywhere, here's a 13-Point List we came up with to determine if you too are a hillbilly martial artist.

1) Your disciples bow three times and offer you a can of Budweiser with the phrase "Sifu yum pee-jio" ("Teacher, drink beer")

2) Instead of buying a Mook Jong (wooden dummy) you use the antlers of your 3-D archery target

3) When you do Tameshigiri (test cutting) you use Bowie knives to cut through bundled corn stalks

4) Your Plum Flower Poles are actually cinder-blocks set on end

5) You make students pick rocks, hay fields, or chop and stack wood as forms of conditioning

6) Rather than Fu Dogs in front of the school you have hound dogs

7) Rather than belt ranks your students wear different color baseball caps

8) You keep a sword in the gun rack of your truck

9) Your school uniforms are made by Carhart

10) You have a car that no longer runs but you keep anyhow as a "training environment simulator"

11) You keep your tractor parked in the dojo on nights that you don't teach class

12) Instead of swords, spears and halberds your school's walls are lined with hoes, rakes and shovels

13) Directions to your school are "Drive out the main road and turn where the little store used to be then go down there a while and if you see a trailer park on your right you've gone too far.  Turn at the road before then and the first right takes you to the lake, the second right is a dead-end dirt road.  Drive down the dirt road past the corn fields and look for the big green barn - that's us!"

If you have 3 or more of these symptoms, congratulations - you too are a hillbilly martial arts instructor!

(And welcome to the club - those are real directions to our school!)

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

Alliance 2018 Seminar Schedule

Wild Western Arts I - Bowie Knife, Tomahawk, Double Knife & Knife Throwing May 19-20
The classic American Bowie knife is the focus of this weekend along with special sessions on the tomahawk, double knife, and knife throwing. Whether you are interested more in the historical aspect or the martial, you are sure to enjoy this special seminar and walk away with many new skills.


Wild Western Arts II - Rifle & Pistol Aerial "Trick Shooting" (Instinctive Shooting) June 16-17
In the 19th and 20th century there were many American exhibition shooters like Annie Oakley, Ad & Plinky Topperwein, and Ed McGivern who amazed audiences with their ability to hit small targets thrown into the air using a rifle or pistol. Now you can learn their secrets and be able to hit cans, coins, even tiny aspirin tablets or a BB its self with the rifle and hit multiple hand thrown targets with the pistol. All training is done safely with airguns so you can continue perfecting your new skills at home without needing to go to a special range. This skill directly translates to hunting, sporting clays, etc.


Armed Reactive Mittwork July 21-22
What do you get when you mix the weapon skills of Comtech's James A. Keating with the kind of reactive focus mitt work that Roger Mayweather is famous for? Armed Reactive Mittwork! Learn to move, defend, counter strike, draw, shoot, use the blade and more in a constant flow of motion that builds skill and endurance. If you use focus mitts this is next level training in flowing art to art, from unarmed to knife to pistol or any other defensive tool (flashlight, chemical spray, etc.)


Evolution of the Blade August 18-19
This seminar will highlight many aspects of blade culture around the world and throughout time. We will explore methods from from the Medieval times to modern day from North & South America, Europe, and Asia; making the connections and learning how each art enhances the others. We'll spend time working with small knives, big knives, machetes, swords and more.


Comtech Drawpoint Method September 15-16
The Comtech Drawpoint method is a condensed education in some of the best Filipino bladecraft for self defense. This seminar will cover all 3 modules of Drawpoint (Picking, Cover & Slash, Hook & Pass) in both partner and combat drills as well as disarming and counter-counter work. If you've seen the videos and want to get hands on with the training this is a perfect opportunity to learn everything correctly and gain true skill.


Private Training
Private training is available for 250 a day either before or after any seminar, or at your convenience. Tell me what you're interested in and I'll put together a custom program to suit your needs. Bring a training partner along for just 100 more and share the experience.

Seminar Details

All group seminars are 2 days long and cost $250. Each is limited to 8 participants so you will receive maximum personal attention throughout the event.

The training will be held at my school in Alpine, NY. The closest Airports are Ithaca (ITH) and Elmira Corning (ELM).

We recommend the Super 8 Motel in Ithaca (607) 273-8088 or the Knights Inn in Horseheads (855) 516-1090 if you are flying into Elmira or looking for a cheaper option. Both are about a 30 minute drive from the school.

There are a number of closer small motels (15 minutes drive) in the Watkins Glen area, but these can be quite expensive due to tourism in the region.

If you have any questions please write me at petekautz@lightlink.com

I look forward to meeting you this year!

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