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Jim has done so much for all of us over the last 30+ years!


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Drawpoint: Forms & Applications

In Pentjak Silat there is a concept called Bunga & Buah, or The Flower & The Fruit.

When we see the flowing hands of Silat in a solo form that is devoid of context it is considered as the Flower, but when the same movement is shown in application with a partner it is considered the Fruit.

Today people want to skip right to the fruit / buah applications without having the technical base that the flower / bunga forms impart in the student.

The attitude is one of, "Who cares about growing a tree, I just want the apple". Indeed, what use are those stupid old trees anyhow?

Online we see different "Stabby McGee Knife Courses" that are essentially a rehash of the basics, but done with violence and aggression instead of using the higher level format of controlled two man exercises that impart mutual skill.

While seemingly impressive the fact is if you can do all the two man drills then *of course* you can do that too, but not the other way around! A Drawpoint trained individual can of course use the art it in a direct defensive application, but someone who only knows applications will never know the counter for counter or have the ability to flow like the trained person can.

The drills you learn in Drawpoint are there to build correct repetitions of basic actions but are NOT how you actually use the art in an unscripted encounter. No one is going to do the drill with you on the street, that should be obvious yes? Ideally they don't even have an idea about the art of Kali so they will fall for the enganyo or faking that is part of the movement base.

In the moment you might just do one or two actions, for example a backhand jab or making the initial closing action and reverse thrust from Cover & Slash. By that point if you've done your job then you've hit them and things have changed and your training will allow you to follow up as appropriate.

Drawpoint is already such a streamlined approach to the blade it's something you can get down fast without needing any further shortcuts. We've had groups learn in two days roughly 12 hours and I'd say at home it can be about the same if you take things step by step from the videos. If you did an hour a week with a friend I'd say probably 12 weeks or so and you'll be able to flow from rolling and picking to cover and slash to hooking and passing.

Then like anything the more time you spend the better you can get! You can learn the double knife applications, the empty hand applications, and so on. I think the empty hands are really an essential part of the equation too because even if you're armed you'll probably start the fight empty handed. So it's nice to have a method that all works the same from hands to blades, especially if you're defending against a weapon.

And unlike so many martial arts, because it is a weapon based method it is perfect for older individuals. My last student was 67 and will walk tall all her days. As Jim has said, If you can walk and feed yourself you can still do Drawpoint; and if you can dance all that much better!

Thank you and all my best,

Pete Kautz

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