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The Art of Footwork

News Flash: 52 Blocks Moves to Texas!

The other day I got a phone call from 52 Blocks master Lyte Burly with some exciting news I wanted to share.

For the last year or so Lyte's been splitting his time between Atlanta, Georgia and NYC but in about a week he'll be moving to San Antonio Texas. He's taking a job teaching out of a MMA gym there so it will be easier then ever before to connect and get in person training!

(I don't know the name of the gym but will post it in a future TT)

One of the great things that everyone can get from 52 Blocks is a better understanding and appreciation of footwork.

"They see the flash of the hands but the real magic is in the feet" as Burly says.

There are only a few basics such as the step, the shuffle, and the pivot. But off of these three and an understanding of the Master Key of the kickstand balance you can build all kinds of steps and shapes. Particularly when you add in the ability to switch leads; something 52 emphasizes.

The switching of leads also helps blend 52 Blocks footwork with that of Kali. When mixed with the triangles and related geometry of Kali you get a wonderful hybrid that works with or without weapons and regardless of which hand a weapon is in.

The better your footwork the less you need to rely on blocking and other forms of active defense and the more you can go directly to counter-striking. Now, instead of double-time actions (block then hit) you are making single-time actions which are impossible to defend if thrown at the right time and angle.

The other advantage of single-time actions is that the opponent can basically throw themselves right into the strike. Think of the stop hit concept of Fencing and Jeet Kune Do. It can hit harder then you expect because of the opponent's forward motion in addition to your own colliding in the moment.

So this week seriously add in some dedicated rounds on your footwork! Do both leads! Move all directions!

If you find your hands are getting bored you can shadow box or do my preference which is to bounce and catch a small rubber ball using all your punches. So you bounce it and catch it with a jab, a cross, etc. It's a really fun game that you can play endless variations of!

Today that was the whole workout - 15 rounds of footwork combined with bouncing and catching. It's great for hand-eye coordination and my legs definitely are feeling the love right now.

Enjoy and all the best,

Pete Kautz

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