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Special Comtech GoFundMe For MAA Dave Mobley


Comtech GoFundMe

This week I want to spotlight a special GoFundMe campaign set up be Master James A. Keating to help out his long time student David Mobley who is dealing with serious medial issues.


I wanted to share this link because not everyone follows Jim on Facebook so you might not have seen this fundraiser he set up.

If you're unfamiliar with David Mobley have a look at his web site. Maybe it'll jog your memory and you'll say "Oh it's the dude from the classic Comtech videos"


Short video of David in action from 2012

Though I've been fortunate to train with Robert Langford and some of the other Comtech old timers, I've never got to meet David in person.

But like *everyone* who benefited from all the old video tapes I learned a ton watching him take the lumps as Uke (training partner) for hours on end so I could take notes from the comfort of my couch!

Of course if you read the early articles in Fighting Knives and Full Contact magazines or were at the Riddle of Steel camps you will know David as well. Along with Robert he was a ubiquitous presence!

You can follow the link above to read more about the whole thing directly from Jim, and if you're so moved can leave a donation either with a name / message or anonymously.

Enjoy and all the best,

Pete Kautz

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