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Crossing the Bridge: Entry Into Close Combat
An ADVANCED LEVEL master-class on how to enter into close range and dominate the fight from there using trapping skills mixed with striking, locking, or use of weapons. More conceptual in nature this is pure gold. (39)
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Trapping I: Basics & Developmental Drills
Slap, trap, and zap!  Learn advanced trapping the E-Z way
with these drill progressions and training methods. (39)

Trapping II: Applications & Advanced Drills
More of the unique Red Boat Wing Chun trapping hands
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52 Blocks "Red Volume" With Lyte Burly
Offense Wins Fights, Defense Wins Championships
This DVD is the fourth one produced by Lyte Burly of NYC and showcases his approach to 52 Blocks as a boxing art.  Includes overview of Blocks 1-30 with special detail to blocks 21-30, exciting footage of his student Young Burly training for and winning in the Golden Gloves as well as technical drills to connect your flow when moving block-to-block with Dink from the UK. ($20)

Crossing The Bridge: Entering With 52 Blocks & Wing Chun
Copyright Pete Kautz 2016

"Crossing the Bridge" is the term Mr. Keating uses to describe the process of going from long range (out of contact distance) into the close quarters range. The trick to crossing the bridge, of course, is how to do it without getting struck in the process.

Anyone could just run in, trade blows, and maybe get close or maybe not. But there is an art to being able to pounce on an opponent while closing down their ability to strike you.

On the DVD we filmed back in 2007 (appropriately titled "Crossing The Bridge") Mr. Keating demonstrated how to cross the bridge using Wing Chun and Kali based skills.

In this video clip I show the same concept using 52 Blocks and Wing Chun.

Entry From Long Range Into Close Range Using 52 Blocks & Wing Chun

You will see that out of the basic energy of the shoe-shine punching on half the entries I use Boxing / 52 based skills. I'm using blocks and feints with the head and body to close the distance to where we're in the close range and we fight from there.

On the other half of the entries I'm closing behind an aggressive double fook sao from Wing Chun. The fook sao is the hooked hand position you should be familiar with from basic chi sao. It's the hand on the outside (top) in that exercise.

The double fook sao is an excellent control position. Mike Tyson, not one we would normally associate with Wing Chun, made great use of this technique throughout his Boxing career. Last year I even did an article breaking down Tyson's chi sao like skills of hand control in the ring.

Once we are at close range, notice how I'm able to use my sensitivity to control my opponent's arms while landing strikes of my own before breaking back out to long range. In a real fight perhaps I'd stay in close and finish things, but for the drill you want to develop the ability to get safely back into long range once you've bridged.

Regardless of what art you train the ability to bridge in safely is an essential skill. This is particularly true for all you grapplers and joint lock specialists out there! This will let you go from out of range into your favored range in a flash and do your work.

All my very best to you,

Pete Kautz

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