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American Instinctive Rifle Shooting

My brother in law laughed when I said I could help him to shoot better using just a bb gun...but his laughter turned to amazement when I threw a bucket full of beer cans into the air as fast as I could, one after another, and nailed every single one!

Then, because I'm a nice guy, I taught him how to do it too!

It took less than an hour and he was nailing them...Now I was was the one laughing!

Sometimes people have a funny reaction to using the bb guns for training at first.  Most guys haven't picked one up since they were a kid.  Someone always makes a joke about the old movie "A Christmas Story" where little Ralphie gets a Red Ryder bb gun.

And that's the gun we use, too.  A stock Daisy bb gun that you can pick up for about $30 and shoot almost anywhere because it is relatively low powered.

But bb guns like this have a long history in instinctive shooting training.

Did you know that during the 60's and 70's the US Army bought over 33,000 Daisy bb guns for doing instinctive shooting training with new recruits in boot camp!  Many soldiers bound for Vietnam learned to shoot at hand thrown aerial targets and miniature ground targets before they ever fired an M14 or M16 rifle.

Using my own mixture of their methodology and other influences such as 19th century shooting texts, Lucky McDaniel's work, advice from James Keating who is a master of this method, and experience from years of shooting and teaching others I offer an accelerated course where in one afternoon a person with zero shooting skill can become a "deadeye" instinctive shooter.

Pete teaching his mom, age 77, to do instinctive shooting!  (Read the full article HERE)

  In 90 minutes she was a pro despite having no prior shooting experience and being cross-eye dominant!

I have taken people who literally have never touched a gun in their life and in just a few hours they are able to hit 5-inch tall ground targets with ease while on the move and are banging away on targets thrown into the air.  That is how fast it is possible to learn by using this method!

In 2008 I was going over to my brother in law's place again to do some some target practice with him and Lily.  After the first time we did it, he became a believer and was eager to try it again.

Lily suggested we take along the video camera and tape "Just a few minutes" of stuff on the instinctive shooting.  Sure enough one thing lead to another and we ended up filming a whole DVD on the basic techniques for shooting targets on the ground and in the air without ever having to use your sights!

Just practice these drills at home with an inexpensive air rifle and the next time you go to the range I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well these skills all transfers over to rifle, carbine, or shotgun!

Accuracy is still accuracy, and that's exactly what you are developing here.  The ability to simply look at something and hit it!  So why not use a trainer that lets you fire thousands and thousands of rounds for less than the cost of one box of decent rifle ammo, and that can use nearly anywhere!

Plus it's just fun!  If you enjoy shooting as a recreational activity like many of us do then you'll love the fact that all kinds of new shots you never did before will suddenly open up to you.  Throwing your own aerials and working down to tiny targets is something that most shooters have never even dreamed of doing but it is now within your reach.

All the very best,

Pete Kautz


American Instinctive Rifle Seminar DVD
Aerial Target Coaching Clinic
Quick start progressions for teaching new shooters how to nail those aerials!  Both the physical skills and "how to coach" so they learn fast plus coin shooting details, walking & shooting, alternate ready positions, more!
Read About The Aerial Target Coaching Clinic HERE

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