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All Comtech New Millennium DVDs

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NEW!  Intro To AmEurAsian Fencing Seminar DVD

Join in as Pete Kautz takes the class at Comtech Headquarters in Oregon through a rapid-fire introduction to the basics of AmEurAsian Fencing, edited to 50 minutes of pure instruction.  Featuring Master at Arms James A. Keating, this presentation covers elements of footwork, evasion, striking, hand switching, attacks to the 5 basic zones with their defenses, and how to flow at long range in constant counter and re-counter!  If you want to gain quick skill with using the single weapon this is it. (39 This Week Only)

Go HERE to see Video of the AmEurAsian Fencing Seminar DVD

Comtech New Millennium Titles
Four Volume Set Only $159

Lost Heads - Deadly Strikes of Kali

Vol.1 - Single Sword
Vol.2 - Double Swords
Vol.3 - Two Handed Sword
Vol.4 - Solo Form 'Senang'
Read More About Lost Heads HERE


Solo DVDs $49

HELLBOWS: Destructive Elbow Techniques
Integrate elbow shields with trapping and grappling to devastate your opponent at close range with one of the body's best weapons
Read More About Hellbows HERE

Dequerdes: Filipino Training Cross
Train your skills & reactions with open hands or weapons
anytime you want with this easy to build piece of equipment
Read More About Dequerdes HERE

Street Knife: Basics of Knife Training
Learn the essential basics of defensive use of edged weapons with James A. Keating  Aimed at the entry level practitioner, this DVD covers selecting a knife, opening techniques, quick deployments, use of the left hand and a number of combative drills.  Some you will not find elsewhere, including a solo-training device that will blow you away with both it's simplicity and it's applicability to training the reflexes needed for high speed blade work and defense.

Comtech Sword & Dagger Vol.1-2
The sword & dagger or espada y daga is considered one of the highest level forms in the Filipino martial arts, and now for the first time James Keating has put this material on DVD for you.  This 2 volume set teaches you everything you need to know about the sword & dagger to add them into your art or expand your skills.
Read More About Comtech Sword & Dagger V.1-2 HERE

Comtech Stick Fighting Vol.1-2
This new series covers all the basics of Filipino stick fighting the Comtech way.  Vol.1 covers Single Stick Techniques and Vol.2 expands your arsenal with Double Stick Techniques.
Read More About Comtech Stick Fighting V.1-2 HERE

Crossing the Bridge: Entry Into Close Combat
An ADVANCED LEVEL master-class on how to enter into close range and dominate the fight from there using trapping skills mixed with striking, locking, or use of weapons.  Jim Keating says "This is my favorite new DVD so far!"  More conceptual in nature this is pure gold.
Read More About Crossing the Bridge HERE

Drawpoint Master Class
Overview of the Comtech Reverse Grip Knife Method

This 47 minute DVD covers the main drills and concepts of the Drawpoint method.  Great as a rapid review for experienced students or as a general introduction for novices.  Learn Rolling & Picking, Cover & Slash, Hook & Pass, Combat Sets and more!



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