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Inner Marksmanship
Secrets Of Mental Training For

Instinctive Shooting Success
Copyright Pete Kautz 2009-2010
"How I used advanced mind training techniques to improve my instinctive shooting in just a few short weeks...and you can too!"

Since 2008 I have been working on a project that involves using “Jedi” mind training to improve speed and accuracy in instinctive shooting.

The results so far?  Better than anything I'd hoped for when I started!

As you might guess, I was the initial “test subject”.  My goal at the time was to continue getting better at instinctive shooting while being cooped up inside over the winter months and not back-slide on the skills I'd been practicing in the fall.

So, I put together a mental training program just as if I was one of my own professional clients for sports hypnosis.  I set it up where every day I would do a short mental exercise that would take roughly 20 minutes, with a focus on aerial coin shooting.

Throw a penny high up into the air...can you hit it with ease?

When the snow finally melted and I could get outside to shoot, I found that after doing just the mental training over the winter, in spring my aerial shooting skills were better than ever before!

In the fall of 08' I had been “OK” at hitting coins out of the air, and then suddenly I was getting 100x hits on a single coin in under 20 minutes - and that includes finding the coin in the grass and picking it up after each shot.

(The last ones I timed were 14:10 for 100 hits on a quarter and 17:28 for 100 hits on a nickel.  Sometimes just finding the coin again between shots is the hardest part!)

Here's a quarter after 100 hits!

This difference was all because I had spent the time doing a simple exercise in my mind for a few minutes each day.

Not because I was going to the range for hours!

Not because I got some new super rifle!

Not because I was burning up tons of expensive ammo!

My improvement was all because of what I was doing in my imagination on a daily basis.

Based on my success I put together a package designed to teach these same skills as a 30 day module for those who want to learn to do this too.

Now, let me be clear - this mental training program does not teach you instinctive shooting.  It is designed to improve whatever level of skill you already have, but you already have to know the technique.

Ideally you have purchased a copy of my American Instinctive Rifle Shooting Vol.1 DVD or American Instinctive Rifle Shooting Vol.2 - Aerial Target Clinic DVD and have some current level of ability at doing what I show there.

You do *not* have to be a great instinctive shooter or anything.  Even if you're only hitting 1 in 25 aerials right now, that's OK.  What's most important is that you understand the basics of how to do instinctive aerial shooting and want to get better.

That's why I've put together this special package that will guide you through the process step-by-step. It consists of:

* Mental Training For Instinctive Shooting Success DVD Quick Start Guide – 45 Minutes
This DVD contains a step-by-step outline of the entire program. It explains everything you'll need to know for the program as well as some of the theory behind it.

* Audio CD #1 Aerial Target Session – 25 Minutes
This CD contains the Mental Training For Instinctive Shooting Success: Aerial Target Session. You will be listening to this CD every day as you learn to do mental shooting practice.  It focuses on improving your ability to do self-thrown aerials, using any target you choose.

* BONUS Audio CD #2 Open Practice Session – 21 Minutes
This BONUS CD contains the Mental Training For Instinctive Shooting Success: Open Practice Session.  It is not required for the initial 5 week cycle, but intended for later “free practice” with any weapon, any target, and in any situation such as clay shooting, hunting, police work, military, etc.

* Written Notes for the DVD Quick Start Guide
These condensed notes will help you in learning and act as a quick reference guide to the DVD. Follow along as you watch the DVD or use them for rapid review.

* Success Tracking Chart
This wall-chart helps you to visually track your progress throughout the program.

* Daily Tracking Journal
This is where you'll record basic information on what you did each day throughout the program.

Once you get the package, get started by simply watching the DVD.  This 45 minute presentation acts as your introduction to the entire program and counts as “Day 1”!  It teaches you what to do every day and is a resource you can go back to during the program as a refresher course on the basic concepts.

I wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started with the program and I feel this DVD is the next best thing to having me explain the process to you in person.  I even filmed it at the Real Change Hypnosis office where I see clients professionally for sports hypnosis and mental skills training, so it's just like if you came in to see me about learning this privately.

(The only difference is the price!  If you came in to see me at the office in addition to all your travel costs it would run you $248 for the three sessions where we covered this material.)

After you've watched the DVD, you're encouraged to take a shooting test to get a baseline score.   This will allow you to track your progress throughout the program.  It can be done in just a few minutes with the option to re-shoot it.

From here, for the next 30 days you're going to listen to the audio CD once a day and follow along with the mental exercises where you get to experience all the fun of shooting in a whole new way.  Then, before you go to sleep you'll quickly fill in the Daily Journal and you're done.

At the end of the cycle there is a final shooting test, which like the initial one is easy and will just take a few minutes (again with the option to re-shoot it).

When you've completed the program, send a clear photocopy of the completed journal back to me and I'll send you a special certificate in recognition of your work and dedication!  The certificate will have your name plus the dates you did the program from.

If you want to take your instinctive shooting skills to the next level this is the program you've been waiting for!

All the very best to you,

Pete Kautz

Mental Training For Instinctive Shooting Success
DVD & 2 CDs Plus Course Tracking Packet

"How I used advanced mind training techniques to improve my instinctive shooting in just a few short weeks...and you can too!"  This is a 30-day program designed for people who want to go from "OK" to "Awesome!"
Read About Mental Training For Instinctive Shooting Success HERE


American Instinctive Rifle Shooting
Vol.1: BB Gun Basic Training For Deadeye Sharpshooting
"How To Shoot Targets On The Ground & In The Air
Without Ever Once Having To Use Your Sights"

Learn to shoot aerial and ground targets without ever using your sights!  This is the same skill that was used by old time performance shooters and taught to US Army troops in the Vietnam era.  Now you can do it too!
Read More About American Instinctive Rifle Shooting Vol.1 HERE

American Instinctive Rifle Shooting
Vol.2: Aerial Target Coaching Clinic
Quick start progressions for teaching new shooters how to nail those aerials!  Both the physical skills and "how to coach" so they learn fast plus coin shooting details, walking & shooting, alternate ready positions, more!
Read About AIRS Vol.2 - Aerial Target Coaching Clinic HERE


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